Just keep swimming

My work days have changed this year, nothing too drastic, except my days off are now a Tuesday and Friday. Last week being my first full week back, it was a struggle, trying to find my groove and a new routine that works. Mentally a struggle too, I mean, who likes to work Mondays!? But by Thursday I’m fisting pumping the end of my work week!

Trying to work the household ‘must dos’ as well as my ever increasing list of ‘want to’s’ is getting a little overwhelming. Of course I have to dothe washing, keep the house neat and tidy, clean, dust and mop, make school lunches, do readers plus plus fit in planning, correction & other bits and pieces for work. But then there are all my wants, like,

}}writing here more regularly
}}taking photos and editing them in a timely manner
}}reading one of the many books sitting on my bedside table
}}crocheting Princess’s blanket
}}exercising; walking, riding, dancing
}}baking goodies for the kids lunch boxes (and mine)
}}catching up girl friends more regularly
}}reading my fave blogs
}}reading to the kids every night before bed
}}oh and you know, actually spend some time with my husband and talk to him about our days!!

And the list goes on and on. I’m pretty sure in the next few weeks the new routine will sort itself out and with it, gaps will start to appear where I can slot some of the things that I want to do in. It can be frustrating when people (personal trainers for example), say “but you need to make the time!” , but she your a mum a of young kids, a wife to a husband who most nights rocks in the door well after six, and you’re a classroom teacher, sometimes there isno time to make especially for yourself.

Here’s to getting my routine down pat!!


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