Veggie Smugglers

**I was sent two bags of Vetta Super Veg Pasta to try**

When we go away camping or to our caravan, meals have to be quick and easy for many reasons. This sometimes means that our meals aren’t always as healthy as they probably could be. I was a little sceptical when I was sent the new Vetta Super Veg Pasta with hidden vegetables, because let’s be frank, food that is normally made for kids that has hidden veggies, either tastes like complete crap or the kids cotton on to what’s happening real quick!
Life at no2
Anyways, we took the pasta away last weekend to the caravan along with a frozen batch of Bolognese sauce. Don’t worry, I had a back up plan too, you know, just in case it tasted like cardboard! The Vetta Super Veg Pasta has hidden peas and corn, made from drying them out and being milled to form a vegetable powder. Hubby whipped up and dished up dinner to all of us outside as the hot sun began to fall behind the sand dunes. Princess took a bite first, then another, without saying a word, Hubby was also scoffing his down. So it was time for me to have a try…………and to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised!! It honestly just tasted like regular pasta.
Life at no2
The fact that we can now easily get a serving of vegetables into the kids whilst we are away (50g of pasta has one serve of veggies) means that this pasta will definitely be a staple both at home and at our van. It’s now available at selected Woolworths stores.
Life at no2
I’d love to know about your veggie smuggling missions, whether they have been successful or not? If you try the pasta, let me know, I’d love to hear what you and the kidlets think!!


Here at no.2 we love hearing from you & appreciate your comments!

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