The moment

I still remember the night I decided he was the guy for me. Sitting on my Mum’s back door step, drinking beer in the early hours of a summer morning. My dog Sam loved him, and loved him even more that night when he dribbled small amounts of beer onto the concrete for her to lick up.

We spoke about anything and everything that night, but it was when we share our love for camping and growing up doing it with our families, that’s when I knew. I didn’t know I would marry him in that moment, but I knew he was the type of guy I could share some amazing experiences with.

Fifteen years of beig a couple, and today, three of being married. It sounds cliche to say he is my best friend, but truly he is. He is the most amazing partner and the best father, and I really can’t think of anyone better to spend my days and nights with. Happy Anniversary! 


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