Feeling Overwhelmed

I have like an hour free to myself!! Seriously, bliss! I am child free, housework free, work free…..because I have an awesome sister! So here I sit, in the quiet, the deafening silence enveloping me, yearning to be creative and to write!

A while back of spoke of my feelings of being overwhelmed, trying to fit in all the ‘to do’s’ with all of my ‘want to’s’. On advice, I was kind to myself and tried to not push myself too hard to fit it all in. And believe me, I still can’t fit it all in but I’m at peace with that…..I do what I can, when I can. At the moment:

*I try to read at least two pages of a book each night before bed.

*I started my own little book club, an awesome motivator to read and also to catch up regularly with a group of ladies!

*I’ve also picked up my crochet hook again, I am determined to finish Princess’ blanket and finally start one for myself. But until them, I have some really quick projects I need to finish as Easter presents. I aim for at least two rows of her blanket most nights.

*I joined an adult funk/hip-hop dance class! First week, I was totally cursing my friend for convincing me to come but by the end I was loving it!! I! is such an awesome work out and a great laugh, I also swear a lot but that’s ok. I totally rock the moves and look super sexy, that is, until I actually watch myself in that massively intimidating mirror in the dance studio, but whatevs’ I’m having fun!

*I’m also still loving my bike and riding with the family. My fitness has definitely improved so much since the beginning of last year!

*I’ve been taking photo’s more regularly and most of the time edit them within the week, go me!!

What I want more of though is catching up with girlfriends more regularly and kid free would be even nicer! I’m thinking slow breakfasts at a café maybe one Sunday a month? And writing here more. What have you made more time for lately and what would you still love to be able to fit in?


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