Golden Hour

We spent the last weekend of summer dancing in the light at our beach escape. We let the whitewash chase us up onto the beach. We sat, dug holes and built sandcastles.

Life at no2

And now it’s is Autumn. Probably my favourite season of the year. Crisp mornings, cool beginnings, followed often by warm afternoon.

It’s where the blankets come out after dinner while we sit as a family in the lounge.

Where the wood is split and stacked in preparation for those nights when the blankets aren’t quite enough.

Darkness has already begun to creep up earlier, so curtains are closed and candles lit.

Slippers are bought out from the shoe basket from underneath the thongs and sandals.

And the smell of BBQ’s isn’t a regular occurrence anymore.

What is your favourite season?


2 thoughts on “Golden Hour

  1. Patrickc says:

    Winter is my favourite time of the year.

    The cold where you can rug up in comfy clothes of wrap blankets around you and sit by the fire. The wind, the rain especially down the beaches on the southwest coast of Victoria, walking on the wet sand while the wind whips up. Hot drinks curled up with a good book, the radio on, watching the rain hitting the grass.

    The damp green of the Otway State Forest, Erskine Falls running fast or The Lerderderg River watching that run.

    Winter sports, watching the local Football and Netball competition.

    Driving in the rain.

    Lots more quiet time to spend inside. Finally snuggling up under the covers with daggy flannel sheets with the excuse of sleeping in a bit longer while it rains outside.

    Yes its my favourite time of the year.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      I would have to say for me it was a hard choice between Autumn and Winter. I love the sound of rain but hate the puddles and mud that it brings! Your description would definitely sway me!!

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