Seeing things

When I was younger, I once opened my eyes while I was under water in the Murray River. Through the mud clouded water I saw a crocodile. It looked me right in the eyes just before I pushed my feet off the ground to get my head back above water.

Well, that’s what I thought I saw anyway, it was probably just a log or something.

But life’s like that sometimes isn’t it, what you think you see isn’t always the truth. Whether it be what you see looking back at you in the mirror, the opinions you have created about others, the vision you have of someone behind their blog….. sometimes things aren’t always as they seem or are perceived. Sometimes, you need to take a step back, look at the evidence or what is in front of you again and reassess.


I’m pretty sure I didn’t see a crocodile that day, ya’ know, based on the evidence. Although now, I never open my eyes under water in the Murray.


2 thoughts on “Seeing things

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