Living a simple life

Every single time I arrive home from a camping trip or from being at our van, I honestly believe there is a lot to be said for living the simple life.

We have lived for up to three weeks in our Jayco Expander, no annexe, just the van. With two double beds each at one end, and a small kitchenette/dining area, space is limited. Hubby and Ragamuffin live out of three small drawers with essential items of clothing only, with Princess and I sharing a small wardrobe. We only pack the bare minimum when we hitch on and drive off.

20140108-_DSC0403A younger Ragamuffin taking his bath in the caravan.

We have a TV with movies that only comes out when it is raining or too cold for the kids to sit outside at night with us. And to keep the kids entertained they have their bikes, colouring in books, a couple of balls, a few books, their imagination and the great outdoors. Hubby and I also carry cards, our iPads loaded with books and podcasts to keep us occupied when the kids are napping. But apart from that, those our all our belongings, fit into one small space.

Now don’t get me wrong, this not to say that sometimes we don’t cramp each other’s style…..because lets face it, that would happen whether we are at home or in our small van. But because the majority of our time is spent outside, there is always time to grab some fresh air and space to cool down.

I’m also not saying either that I want to sell my house and live in a caravan, because to be honest our house isn’t that big either. But there is a lot to be said for the amount of things we have or collect around our home. Based on our ability to live the simple life whilst camping, I have really begun to evaluate purchases made and gifts that we buy for our children. Living the simple life, living our own version of a simple life is now forever in mind.


3 thoughts on “Living a simple life

  1. Patrickc says:

    You raise some really valid points about minimising our lives.

    I admire you for it but as a collector of books and music in particular I just could never divest myself of them. My books especially when I hold them in my hands and turn the pages don’t just educate and entertain me, they remind me of times past. Where I was, what I was doing and who I was with when the book came into my life. Its like they are a key to my memory door. The freaky thing is that my collection amassed over almost 50 years is huge just like my records and cds yet the memory on each is so sharp.

    I suppose for you the memory key will be turned each and every time you step into and or look at your van because all the journeys that it has taken you on will come back to you and your family.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Patrick (Now starting to set up a blog under the moniker “The Renaissance Man”)

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Ah yes, all the books! As a booklover myself YOU indeed bring up a very good point. After I read your comment I picked you travelling around in a caravan library, visiting places that don’t have their own!
      I cannot wait to pop over and visit your blog, your comments are always well though out and written, so I just know your blog will be amazing!!

      • PatrickC says:

        Thanks. I have a few things happening over the next week so I may not start “officially” until that’s over. Depends how I feel I may put down a few things to take my mind off what will take place. I will certainly share it after its over.

        When I was a kid I grew up in Hoppers Crossing. In the early 70’s it was a small country town, nothing like now. The weekly visit of the library truck was huge it had two hours but never got away in that time. You had to reserve books because there would be so many people with their kids waiting. Back then it was part of the Geelong Regional Library Service.

        Thanks for bringing back the memories of youth.



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