It takes a Village

When I was growing up, we knew almost everyone in our long street. Mum would often pop in for coffee at the neighbours on the weekends or on our way home from walking to the Milk Bar. If ever Mum had an appointment, one of the neighbours would surely look after us until she got home and vice versa. On trips away they would collect our mail, put out and bring in the bins and keep a general eye out. A village was created.

Even though most of us these days are lucky to know one or two neighbours in our street, villages still exist, I know it, I’ve seen it. Like the time Princess was a four month old, non-sleeping, screamy baby…..we were camping, and I was at my wits end. I whacked her in the pram hoping that a burst of fresh air would perk me up and hopefully send her to sleep. I stupidly pulled the pram backwards toward me rather than turning it, it hit a patch of sand and almost toppled over, I caught the pram quickly but no sooner had I, tears began streaming from behind my sunglasses. And immediately the village rallied. Someone took the babe, and another took me for a walk.


Sometimes motherhood can feel isolating and overwhelming, and the many villages you have can be forgotten. On the days where I am clear minded, I am able to identify the different villages that I can call on, my family, my work friends, our close knit group of friends, my bestie, and my blog pals. Some will be there for me in person, others in spirit, via phone or text, and in this day in age, virtually via social media platforms. They are always there to support me, to offer advice, to laugh along with me and hold my hand through the tough times.

Do not ever underestimate the power of the village, no matter how big or small their call to action is. I’ve seen in over the past week, it’s there, it’s real and it matters.


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