Children at play

I’m not sure what it is about both of our children, but they have always been good when it comes to playing by themselves. That’s not to say that we don’t play with them at times, because we do, but on the whole, they are quite happy to play by themselves or each other and use their imaginations.

Their newest game is puppy dogs, of which I am sure I also played with my sister. Usually the dog is Ragamuffin, who travels the house on his hands and knees, panting and barking at my feet. I often find him clawing at my leg whilst I’m in the kitchen waiting for a pat or a tickle behind the ears.


Princess walks him, which involves a loose skipping rope tied around his waist so that he can’t be hurt. She also tosses him balls, which he fetches and brings back in his mouth. The other day she probably took the whole realistic play thing a little far when she placed doggy treats (choc-chips) around the house on the floor, he of course ate them up,¬†and by ate, I do of course mean licked them up off the floor (we’re all about building the immune system around here *insert cringe face*).

To watch them play this ‘game’ of theirs for hours on end, no fighting or bickering, is one of those moments where as a parent you sit back and marvel at them. I love their imaginations, I love that they can entertain themselves for hours on end.

So screw you Pinterest and all your pretty craft and play ideas, I’ve never seen a pin suggesting your kids play puppy dogs as an activity or invitation to play!!


One thought on “Children at play

  1. linbritt says:

    100% agreed. My kids could get the newest and coolest toy and it would be forgotten in a day, to instead play shops or school or some other imaginative game.

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