Last child

The day after Ragamuffin’s second birthday, he started again with the whole not wanting to sleep in his cot during the day, rather he would bed to sleep in his sister’s big girls bed or even ours. After few days after this, I bit the bullet and took the cot rail off his bed, slightly concerned that his boisterous nature would involved many a long and sleepless night. Luckily for us, he seems to have followed in his sister’s footsteps, never getting out, *insert fist pump here*!!

Which now means I’m on the hunt for a big boys bed. Which then in turn means packing up the nursery furniture for what will be the last time! It’s true to me what others say, that in fact you do really know when you are done having children. My two are perfect, we love them dearly, but when Ragamuffin arrived, we knew he would be our last…, I have a weird thing about odd numbers.


Although I miss parts of the baby stage, and I’m not in fact wishing their lives away for the next milestone, I am excited for what the future holds for the four of us as the children continue to grow up. I see great adventures on the horizon, as well as a few tumultuous years thrown in for good measure. So bye bye baby and hello big boy!

And thank you all for your advice when I was worried about putting the little guy into a bed, you reminded me to trust my instincts!


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