Self love

I’m known amongst some of my friends as a good one sentence advice giver. One of my friends sometimes sends me pictures of quote posters usually with a message saying “I could hear your voice when I read this”. But one of the sentences I use a lot, for myself and for others, is that if you don’t look after yourself you can’t look after anyone else.

Why is it so hard for Mum’s to take time out for themselves completely and utterly guilt free, knowing that they are worth it and that they totally deserve it? Before you had kids would you think twice about going out for a coffee with a friend, stopping in at that shop for a pedicure, sitting in silence and reading a book, going to a movie, heading to a day spa or even heading away for a weekend? I’m guessing the answer is no, you wouldn’t think twice and you definitely wouldn’t feel guilty for doing it.

Mumma burn out is totally a thing, a thing that can put you deep into a whole that you can struggle to get out of. Once you’re there, everything seems to become that little bit harder, including looking after your wee ones. That Groundhog Day feeling sits in, same shit, different day….. we’ve all been there.


Lately I’ve been taking time for myself, and you know what, I don’t feel selfish for it at all! You know why, because it helps me recharge, it helps reset my mood, it brightens my day, my week, my month. I’m talking about not only small things that you can do around the home┬ábut also heading out and leaving the fam behind. Lately I’ve been ducking off to bed a bit earlier to read a book, sitting outside while Ragamuffin has a nap to have a cup of tea and just sit in silence, and taking a long hot bath each week. I’ve been catching up with girlfriends a lot more too, popping out for a quick coffee, taking a day trip to spa country, starting a book club and meeting every six weeks. The other night with only an hour notice, I took off to a friends house for a couple of drinks and good conversation, I haven’t done something that spontaneous for me in a very long time, and I have to tell you, it was liberating.

So tell me, I’d love to know, what do you do to look after you? And do you do it guilt free?


2 thoughts on “Self love

  1. The Renaissance Man says:

    I try to read a bit at night but usually just lie in bed listening to Tony Delroy. I always take half an hour minimum at or around midday to eat my lunch without rushing it. The weekend news papers and reading blogs and checking out twitter play a part as well. Not every day of the week but some days. If I didn’t my brain would fry.

  2. The Routine Queen says:

    I must admit it took me a while to not feel guilty about taking time for myself. But now, I enjoy that time & no longer spend it worrying about my little man. I’ll go to bed early to read a book, take a bath..its so important as a Mum to have that ‘you time’. Of course it helps when you have a supportive husband who encourages you to do so. Right now I’m settling in for a night by myself at our caravan cause hubby ordered me away for a much needed sleep in!

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