Dump site

Please, please do tell me, explain it to me now, what the hell is the mysterious magnetic pull towards the fruit bowl on my bench? By name, a fruit bowl suggests a bowl full of fruit, and this is in fact how it does start off. But as the week progresses, there seems to be this invisible pull for all objects to be placed inside it instead. Why, oh why!!?

I cleaned our fruit bowl out a few days ago, gave it a wash, and started it afresh, with you know, fruit stuff. But by weeks end, it had become home to many items. I’m talking hair elastics, coins, golf balls and tees, flippin dominoes (thanks for nothing Woolworths!), lollypops, receipts, a single key, texta lids, screwed up post it notes, and sticky tape!! What. The. Hell!!

I’ve cleaned it out again, and I wish I had something like those dashboard cams in cars to keep track of where all the shit comes from, because to be clear, it aint coming from me, I’m just the sucker who gets to clean it our every week and hope to find some marvellous treasure!! I wish the crap that got put in there ended up where all the lost socks went you know, because I’m sure no one would miss them as a much as a missing sock!

So tell me, do you have a magnetic pull to somewhere in particular in your house, or is it just me? Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, I’m off to clean my fruit bowl before we do the supermarket shopping x


2 thoughts on “Dump site

  1. linbritt says:

    Our spot is the bench next to the phone, though I wish it was s bowl like yours-to keep it contained. Random things accumulate, like bread ties, old band aids, dried Texas, you name it!

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