Vintage things

A couple of weeks before the school holidays my Mum and I took Princess to Scienceworks. One of the exhibits was dedicated to the future and what technologies could be used to make our lives easier. As part of the exhibit there was a case with old phones, and by old, I’m talking the home phones that I used when I was a teen only *ahem* twenty or so years ago. Princess of course had no idea what they even were until I explained.


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Take me back to a time…….

Where you had to wait until you got home from school to call your friends.

When you hoped that their phone number mainly involved numbers below the number five so that you wouldn’t have to wait for the phone to spin all the way back around to zero too many times.

Where the house phone was usually located in the most central part of the house, either the kitchen or the lounge room.

…….And the cord for the phone only stretched so far so that privacy was at an all time low.

Or if you were lucky enough to have two phones in your house like I did, and you were on the one that you actually had some privacy, before too long someone would jump on the other one to either listen in or tell you to get off the phone so they could make a call.

Ah yes, those were the days…..the olden days as Princess likes to call them.


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