Pick your battles

Over the school holidays especially, I wasn’t always the vision of the mother I want to be. Insert lots of nagging, frustration and yelling, and it was really time to take a good hard look at myself. Hubby and I set the bar high for our kids and how we expect them to behave, we want them to be polite, respectful of people and also of things and of course, we want them to be themselves. Just like us, they have times when they slip up, with the main culprit being tiredness, something that I seemed to keep forgetting towards the end of the holidays.

Sometimes when you visit your favourite social media platforms, it’s hard not to see or assume that everyone else has their shit together, when in actual fact, no one is the perfect parent or the vision of the parent they want to be all of the time. Just like our kids, sometimes we are just plain tired, or grumpy, or whatever, and the house of cards comes crashing to the ground, and that’s ok. And I’m here putting my hand up saying that my photos were pretty but behind it all was a nagging Mum constantly telling her kids to pick up after themselves.

Life at no2

As soon as I noticed I wasn’t feeling good about how I was acting as a Mum, I took a deep breath, a debrief with my bestie and some time to think. I made a conscious effort to not yell at the kids, and to really pick and choose my battles. Because lets face it, I don’t want to be know as the naggy Mum who has no fun with her kids especially on the school holidays!!

The last couple of weeks here at Number 2 things have improved greatly. Apart from the fact that we are all well rested, we are much happier because of it. There have been times where I have almost reverted back to Naggy McNagster, so I’ve taken a deep breath and asked myself whether it’s really worth the effort. Sometimes it is, and I calmly speak to the kids and explain why it is important, but other times, I’ve chosen to let it go and fix the problem myself.

I am much happier and I feel like I am the Mum I want to be, I know there will be times where I fall off the wagon, I’m keeping it real, but being conscious of my choices is making all the difference.


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