Waiting for Dad

I remember a time when my Dad used to catch the train to and from work. Our house was only four streets away from the train station, so you could always here the bells before the boom gates went down, followed by the roar of the train and the blast of it’s horn. I knew based on the time between the train arriving and him hitting out front porch whether he had made a stop at the Milk Bar or not. The nights where he took a little longer, these were my favourites!  After he would place down his brief case and put away his jacket, and say hello, he would hand over to my sister and I one dollar’s worth of mixed lollies each……back when I was younger, this was in fact equivalent to gold, and the lollies would almost last you a week.


Now in a different time and a different place, I love how I can watch own my kids sense the time, especially now that daylight savings has ended. There is a point in the evening when it is just the three of us home and the kids slowly migrate  from the playroom and into the lounge, here they can see directly out the window and into our driveway. They linger in here with the anticipation of Dad arriving home for his day at work. There is often a quick glance out the window to see if he is there, or sliding the curtains to the side when they hear a car enter the court. And each night plays out the same, they always seem to miss the cues and are startled by his fists pounding on the door. Shrieks of delight follow, quickly succeed by cuddles and hugs and asking how their day was.

It truly is the best sight to watch.


One thought on “Waiting for Dad

  1. The Renaissance Man says:

    It was the same for me twice over as I stayed at my grandmothers. The train wasn’t too far away so Id here it and it would be mum coming home. Then we’d walk to our house (1 car back in the 60’s) and wait for the sound of dads car in the court. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

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