I quit chocolate

In February a good friend challenged me to a month of no chocolate. Unthinkable I know! And unheard of for me to go even a day without my favourite treat. I am in fact a self-confessed chocolate fiend (I normally use a different word, however I’m keeping this PG). I accepted the challenge, secretly thinking that would in fact not even see out a week.

I managed the first week, easily in fact, quite surprising to myself. I resisted the urge for bite size chocolate bars, hot chocolates and cold milos, for chocolate milk and also ice-creams. I did in fact stuff up within the second week, accidently finishing off a choc-chip cookie that Ragamuffin didn’t want. And in the final week, a stressful time, I had one bite sized chocolate-y snack.

All in all though, I voted myself successful….then a problem cropped up. After the challenge had finished, I did what any normal person would do and planned a binge-fest, but it all came tumbling down when it just didn’t have the same taste to it any more. I longed for Easter because lets face it, there is no better chocolate than a Cadbury hollow Easter egg. But Easter came and went and I afraid to say, there has been no improvement.

Life at no2

I have now self-diagnosed myself as an occasional chocolate eater, but no longer a chocolate lover and definitely not a chocolate fiend. I still haven’t work out whether this is a good thing yet or not. Now I am mustering all my willpower to give up soft drink for a month, which I am hoping will conclude with a similar result.

Have you given anything up recently? Linda managed to give up alcohol for a month, she’s a stronger woman than I!


3 thoughts on “I quit chocolate

  1. linbritt says:

    I’ve had the same result as you! I don’t want/enjoy alcohol anywhere near as much as I did. I think I should join you on the soft drink hiatus too!

    • lifeatno2 says:

      I’m slowly enjoying chocolate again but I am kind of glad my addiction has subsided! Not sure whether I will survived no alcohol at all, but I definitely want to limit it x

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