“Where are you shoes” is always Grandad’s catch phrase. My kids, and myself for that matter, have this little issue with shoes. While most people are running around outside with shoes on, my kids are kicking there’s off, you can often find Ragamuffin walking over rocks (usually making people cringe). While most people in winter have their slippers or socks on to keep them warm, my family is walking around barefooted. And never, ever ever, can my children last a whole car trip, let alone a few minutes down the road with their shoes kept on their feet.

I read somewhere once that one of the best ways to start your days was to walk outside and place your care feet on the ground. Apparently this little thing has a name, grounding or earthing, and even some scientific research and stuff to go along with it.

Life at no2

When we head down to our caravan one of the first things I love doing is kicking my shoes off and placing them in the sand. There’s nothing better than doing that, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath in. As soon as I do it, that’s when my holiday truly begins. Right there, in that spot, my bare feet, placed firmly into the ground.

Maybe there is something to be said for grounding, maybe I shouldn’t just wait until I head to the beach on the weekend to do. Maybe I should start my day by walking outside, and grounding myself before I launch into another battle with the day ahead.


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