Working Mums

There are so many Mum’s out there working full-time jobs, I seriously take my hat off to them and how they manage to keep their head above water for the most part. Sometimes I feel as though I live in a house of cards, the foundation being set by a good routine. And by saying routine, I don’t mean the kind where the kids have to be in bed by certain times or dinner has to be on the table by six, no!! By routine I mean ‘the getting stuff done’ part.

With two days off a week that are spread apart, I seem to have a good system going. But it just takes one evening of me saying “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “it can wait” or “I’m sick and I’m heading off to bed early” the house of cards comes tumbling down!! I’ve learnt the hard way a couple of times that when I haven’t stayed on top of the washing, or made the kids lunches the night before everything begins to bank up and before you know it I’m felling completely and utterly flustered by my ‘must do list’. Hand me a glass of coping cordial for god sakes, I can feel my heart palpitating just thinking about it!!


Sometimes it just pays to suck it up and do the dishes, the washing and the lunches no matter how flippin’ tired I am or how bad that migraine is. My tip tips for staying on top of things are:

}} Make the kids sandwiches on the weekends and freeze them. I take them out in the morning as soon as I get up and they are well and truly defrosted by mid morning.

}} Pack all the lunchboxes the night before with snacks. My only exception to this rule is if I have to cut fruit, which I will do in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast.

}} Have tomorrows clothes laid out and ready to go for the morning.

}} Have certain days for washing and stick to them once you figure out what works best. I know some people that do a load every day, it doesn’t work for me, I stick to my two days off and the weekend.

}} Do a quick whip around before bed; tody the kitchen and the playroom and pick up after everyone.

}} Have swimming bags etc re-packed as soon as the towels and bathers come off the clothesline.

}} Unpack school bags as soon as you walk in the door, grad those notes and uneaten sandwiches before they become forgotten.

What are your hot tips for keeping your house of cards standing?


4 thoughts on “Working Mums

  1. linbritt says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with all your tips. Freezing sandwiches was my godsend. The only thing is add would be pre-made, guilt-free freezer meals, either just needing reheating or all thrown in the oven for a quick cook.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Yes! We often do a big cook up on a Sunday (and by we I mean
      Hubby lol) which is great especially for those crazy busy nights when the kids have swimming and other commitments x

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