Baby Must Haves!

Over the weekend I sold all of our nursery furniture….cot, change table, rocking chair, tall boy, all gone to a new home. The new Mum and Dad to be arrived full of excitement in their eyes. I remember that feeling so well! And she asked me if I had any hot tips, what should she buy? And it got me to thinking…..

What would you have suggested? See if they match up to mine. Without further ado, with some prior experience now under my belt, my Top 5 Must Haves for a new bub:

1}} A good thermometer. They can cost a bomb but are totally worth their weight in gold! I carry ours everywhere we go and it has always come in handy.

2}} A vaporiser. Ours gets regular use, especially in the cooler months. Sometimes I wish I had one for each kid!  It can also be used if you are a massive lover of ducted heating, apparently it keeps moisture in the air so you don’t wake with that stuffed up feeling.

3}} Old fashioned cloth nappies. Buy a bundle of them and use them as spew rags. I also would fold one up and tuck under tuck underneath the mattress right where baby lays his head, that way you can change it when needed rather than having to wash the sheet over and over again when there has been a bit of spew.

4}} A baby bath. In the early days it’s a lot easier on your back and tired muscles than leaning over your normal bath.


5}} Muslin wraps, swaddles and sleeping bags. Have some of each because you just never know what is going to work best for your wee one.



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