A little alone time

I think I may have discovered it!! After a day with a non-napping teething two year old WHILST trying to write school reports, I picked Princess up after school and decided to throw caution to the wind and take them to the local play center.

Upon walking in I held my breathe and thought “holy shit, it’s closed, how the flip am I going to get out of this?” Until I realized in actual fact it wasn’t closed it was just deserted!! *insert fist pump here* The fist pump signaled two things, one: the fact that I was an awesome Mum to my kids and the second: there were only two other kids in the playground.

The kids went off and played together and nicely! While I sat, had a HOT chocolate and a cookie with so much time on my hands. I’m thinking at this point the school crowd is going to come busting through the door at any minute but an hour later only one other kids joined us.

I’m starting to think I make make it a regular fortnightly thing for the kids. And for me too, God, I could read a book, crochet, blog, whatever!!!

Yep, think I just found Mummy Utopia on a Friday night!


10 thoughts on “A little alone time

  1. Cam @ Gen-Y Mum says:

    Those play centres are awesome aren’t they? A few mummies and I have our play dates there every couple of weeks. It allows us to let the kids go crazy and us catch up.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Now that I have a clued a couple of friends on to it I’m guessing there will be a couple of gatherings there now. This one also does great food, everything is baked not fried. Thanks for popping by too x

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