Mother Guilt


I am a bad Mum.

Or more importantly I am a teacher who is a bad Mum.

You see, I have something to admit to you all, to myself…..I am really slack at reading to my kids, and by that I mean, reading a book to them is an event that seems to rarely occur. It seems that in the newborn haze (can you class having a two year old as newborn haze still, I’m not sure?) I lost my love for reading. Because, more often than not I’d choose an early tuck in and good nights sleep over curling up with a good read. And because of this, I lost the mojo and routine of reading to my kids. My beautiful, impressionable kids.

And it’s really annoyed me. Because I love reading! I love books! I love reading aloud; inventing my own character voices, screaming at the top of my lungs if a character does too, and whispering to build anticipation. I want my kids to grow up reading classics like I did, escaping into fantasy lands and creating games based around them. I want them to be the type of kids who instead of saying they are bored, go grab a blanket and pillow and curl up in front of the fire to read a good book. I want to be the Mum who calls out to them but because they are so enthralled in what they are reading, they don’t hear me, let alone notice me standing right next to them. I want to find them hiding under the covers long after lights out just so they can read to the end of a chapter. And when they are older, I want them to jump on their bikes and ride to the Library to stock up for the holidays.


Friday afternoon I headed to our amazing local Library which we visit on the holidays, but should more often, and borrowed a heap of books to read with the kids. Some of which will go towards Princess’ Premiers Reading Challenge. In the spirit of setting a goal a month, which you can read about here, my goal is to read to my kids every single night this month! No excuses! Even if it means the kids go to bed later than normal, then that’s what will happen. We will not be the family who is not surrounded by books every day. We are going to create a good habit that will not die, for that I am sure because I have my love of reading back, and with me by their side, I will help grow theirs.


4 thoughts on “Mother Guilt

  1. Patrick Caruana says:

    Reading and giving your children the gift of reading for pleasure is just the best gift of all. I and my siblings were always surrounded by books. My dad read a little to me but once I was past grade two well I wanted to read on my own because I wanted to devour whatever book I was reading at that time. The library was heaven. The winter Friday nights I’d get off the school bus at a different stop and walk to the Library and my younger siblings and my parents would either already be there or appear shortly after. It was a place of adventure and sometimes shocking reality. I can remember at 11 reading Douglas Baders biography, Reach for the Sky, The Great Escape and The Dambusters all by Paul Brickhill. They shocked me but helped me understand more deeply my grandfathers combat experience during WW2. I went on adventures with Stig of the Dump. The classics especially Mark Twain. Australian Literature was something I loved because it was something I owned. I remember pestering my parents to by me Lawsons anthology “While the Billy Boils” after reading “The Drovers Wife” and “The Faces in the Street”

    I learned more at the library and from books than I ever realised and it was magical. Don’t worry about sleep times, don’t even worry about reading to your kids yourself if there are nights when you cant. Just surround them with books and encourage their interest if they ask you about the stories or books that they are reading.

    A toys infatuation passes but the words read in a book linger in ones mind forever.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Luckily for me, my kids aren’t much into toys rather creating their own magic through play, the great outdoors and their imagination. I’m loving the effect that reading each day to them is already having, especially on P

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