Book Club Recommendations

I started a Book Club a few months back after a bit of research. It was a way to get me back into reading and enjoying it again. I asked some friends from different circles if they wanted in, trying to keep the group between eight and ten (which was advised by most up and running clubs). We made a plan and read our first book The Husbands Secret. We had six weeks to read it and then meet for the very first time.

Considering that when we arrived at our meeting place it was closed for a private function, I was kinda worried about how the whole thing would go. Eight women, some of whom had never met, sitting around and talking about a book… so many things could go wrong. But they of course didn’t.

The first part of our meeting was just a bit of idle chit chat and getting to know each other. It was actually just nice to get out of the house and have some intelligent conversation that wasn’t based around children or work. We ate good food, sipped on coffee and hot chocolates that we actually got to drink HOT!! And of course, talked about the book.

Our next two books were set, one of which most of us have just come to the end of reading, The Secrets of Midwives.  We will meet again when report writing and the long weekend is over. I’m guessing this time around the talk around the book will be a bit more structured and free flowing, but at the same time keeping it’s casual appeal where we can deviate and talk about whatever takes our fancy.

Our next two books are The Orphan Train and Girl on a Train if you want to read along.

We totally don’t have a name for our little Book Club either, any ideas? I’d love something witty.

And I’d love to know if you are in your own Book Club? And if not, does the ideal appeal to you?


Here at no.2 we love hearing from you & appreciate your comments!

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