Decluttering your home

You see so many crazes on a daily basis, especially in the land of Instagram; lets exercise a certain way, lets drink some green smoothies, lets wear a flower crown, lets wear a certain piece of jewellery, lets drink everything out of mason jars, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes I follow these crazes being attentive to their repercussions good or bad. And sometimes, I even jump on the band wagon (by the way, I totally would love to make a flower crown for Princess as a photo prop, but definitely not for myself).

And so it can to be the other week I purchased the e-book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo after seeing a few people on Instagram and Pinterest reading it and using her tips. And ermagerd!! Wow!! So far, I have cleaned out Princess’ entire wardrobe and re-folded and organised everything. It looks amazing! And I can already see how much neater it is and how easy it is for her to keep neat and tidy herself. The best part is she can see everything she has with one glance rather than having to go through all her clothes to figure out what she wants to wear (of course the stuff she doesn’t want then gets thrown back!).

Apart from organising and folding your clothes, Mari talks about culling your belongings to things that spark joy. Much of what she said hit home, especially when she talked about holding on to items because of their monetary value or because who had gifted it to you. Like everyone else, I realised I was holding on to objects even though they had already served their purpose. When I read this I immediately thought of my study and the kids playroom, full of so much stuff! Lots of which doesn’t get used or played with anymore……so why the hell am I keeping it all? And when I thought about that, most of the time it was because of how much I’d spent on it, or because such and such had bought it, and even because it might get used one day.I have a day planned out to do my own room, followed the playroom, study, using her principles along the way. I can’t believe how utterly excited I am by this! But seriously, who doesn’t want an organised, clutter free home to feel joyful in!?

The only thing that I read and felt strongly about was when photographs were talked about. I will not be touching any of mine, not a single one. Whether they are printed or in digital format, photographs give me joy.

So yes, I have joined the konmarie craze and I like it!! What craze have you become part of?


7 thoughts on “Decluttering your home

  1. Nic says:

    I’d never heard of Marie Kondo till I read this blog this morning! Now as I sit drinking my coffee and reading Women’s Health delaying marking exams and finishing my reports I find another article on her…. Sounds interesting! But I’ll wait till the 10am Tuesday report deadline before looking into it more…
    I haven’t been reading blogs as much this year (life just seems so busy!) but I stumbled back across you on Instagram this morning (a comment on children’s books daily) and before I knew it I’d read 5 posts off yours and realised I’ve missed it!
    Might have to follow you on IG.
    Enjoy the weeknd.
    Nic x

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Thanks for the visit Nic, appreciate you popping over and taking the time to comment! There was another article on Mari Kondo on the weekend in the herald sun too, looks like the craze is sweeping over us all gradually x

  2. Jo @ Countrylifeexperiment says:

    I’ve been on a decluttering /organising / simplifying binge for the last few years. I use the William Morris quote “have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” as my guide.

  3. lifeloveandhiccups says:

    I do this with my kids clothes and I didnt even know it was a thing, Although you are right – mine take things and just chuck the rest back in. I jumped o board the mason jar craze and I must admit I still love to drink out of them 😉 Maybe they will come back in fashion lol xx

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