Writing a blog

Blogs are kinda like reading a book, except it’s one with many contributors and different chapters not neccasrily related to one an other. Sometimes the internet can be an overwhelming place when you are trying to find something, even more so when you are a teacher! It can be really hard not to fall down into the rabbit hole that is in it’s own right a Wonderland. Blogs lead me to other blogs, and then they lead me to others, and each time it does, a new book begins, a new chapter, a new world. And then sometimes you stumble, you fall, and you find exactly what you have been looking for, all in one place! It so happened the other night when I was searching for some books for me to read to Princess and also to my class to get them excited about reading. I found Children’s Books Daily on Friday night when I was over in Instagram land and one of my fave bloggers Eden posted something about her friend Megan (which she has done many times before), for some reason though, I clicked over, and what a wonderful place I found. Her place of the internet was so wonderful in fact I did something very out of character for me, the introvert, and I shot off an email to Megan. Then strike me down, she replied, and then I did, then she did, and I was blown away! I was amazed at her passion and her willingness to help out a perfect stranger!! I love this about blogging. I love how it opens you up to new experiences, new people, new places, new perspectives and new friendships. I am inspired and in awe on almost a daily basis, and this my friends is why I love to read blogs!! I’d love to know some of the blogs you visit and love?


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