Turning bad Mumma into good

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we visited the library and I wrote about my goal to read to my kids every day for a whole month. I guess as a Mum there is always more we want to do with our kids or for our kids, I’m no exception! I’d love to know where you feel you are lacking?

Now that winter has well and truly set in (and school report writing is over), I’ve found that reading each night to the kids really easy to fit in. Usually when we arrive home from school/work, we unpack and repack the bags, do the reader and spelling words and then all jump in the bath or shower. Hopping into our pj’s before six o’clock means that it already feels much later!! So before we know it, we are snuggling up in Princess’ bed to read a book.

I am usually sandwiched between my two, they often rest their heads on my shoulder and I can feel the warmth of their breath tickling my neck. Sometimes Ragamuffin’s breathing changes, and I know before too long he will either be asleep or be quite happy to tuck in for the night.

Life at no2

Life at no2

All of our books were selected from the Library, and I managed to sneak in some of my old favourites including Where the Forest Meets the Sea. I wonder if you can guess which one it is? I’ve been loving reading to the kids just as much as they have loved it I think. It’s made a difference in some many ways and I can’t wait to continue on.


Here at no.2 we love hearing from you & appreciate your comments!

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