The Mummy Fog

I am one of the most organised people I know, seriously! Or I used to be. BK (before kids), I was the number one person to rely on for recall of important dates, birthdays and upcoming events. AK (after kids) like so many before me I slid into the Mummy fog, unable to recall events let alone recall whether I had brushed my teeth or showered that day. AK my memory went down the shitter.

I’ve started to get my groove back with the use of a diary, but how can one with a diary seriously double book a whole entire weekend away!!? I’m not exactly sure, but i’s exactly what I did. I booked and paid for accommodation and day spa treatments with a group of girlfriends AND THEN booked a four day weekend away with Hubby and the kids to my Dad’s place (which requires Hubby to have a day off which is unheard of people, unheard of!!).

When I realised what I did, only two weeks out from the weekend(s)away, I felt like an utter dill! How on earth could I have double booked two awesome weekends away?! Clearly the diary that I have isn’t working for me and I’m not using it properly. And then it looks like I have slumped back within the Mummy Fog, my brain awash with ‘to do lists’ and ‘don’t forget lists’ not to mention report writing at work. No wonder I need a coping cordial some nights, seriously!

Lucky I had planned a weekend away to re-centre myself hey?! And for the record, Hubby and the kids are still heading away to my Dad’s place while I live it up at the Peninsula Hot Springs.


Please tell me, how do you stay on top of things? Are you a diary carrying type of person (if you are, I’d love to see what you use) or do you just pop it all into your iPhone calendar?


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