Buzz Words

When I was studying teaching at university, there was a buzz word that was used a lot! Every time I heard it, and even still to this day, my eyes roll slowly back into my head. Pedagogy. Still does. my. head. in!

I remember my teaching partner starting back after a long stint out of the classroom and she had to ask us what the hell an anchor chart was. We quickly explained it to her and in return she looked at us puzzled before she said in her very distinct way, “Soooo, isn’t that just a poster then?”. We proceeded to piss ourselves laughing because in fact she was right, it was just a poster but with a fancier name. None of us could even remember when the posters we made with our students for them to refer back to to help them with the learning all of a sudden became anchor charts!

It seems every year in the social media world, new buzz words roll out, like honey to a bee. And at first I’m all like, yeah, cool word, I’m down with that. And then it gets to the point where it gets over used and people #hashtag the shit out of it and my eye rolling starts all over again.


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Authentic. I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to wake up in the mornings and think to myself “hmmm I might just pretend to be someone I’m not today”. What I do do is wake up in the morning and tackle the day the best way I know how. I’m not sure the benefits of posting comments living an authentic life or hash tagging the shit out of the word #authentic when loading photos onto Instagram, I’m too busy living my real life to understand it.

Tribe. Argh!! No, what you have is a wonderful and supportive group of friends! Do we really need a buzz word for it? Call it what it is, call it from the roof tops, I have friends, yes a group of awesome friends. When I picture you with your tribe what I picture is you dancing around a fire surrounded by tents, bowing down to your leader (because tribes usually have a leader), dressed in cloth covering your lady bits.

I have a few others too but I’ll leave it at that. I have to go now and use my teaching pedagogy to create some authentic anchor charts with my tribe 😉

So I’d really love to know, do you have any buzz words that do your head in little??




13 thoughts on “Buzz Words

  1. The Trail We Leave Behind says:

    Argh I hated that word in uni too ‘pedagogy’. And what’s up with everyone turning the word ‘entrepreneur’ into non-words like ‘mumpreneur’ and ‘auspreneur’?

    • The Trail We Leave Behind says:

      You’re right because sometimes people do use it to sound more superior! So nautrally I’m going to drink and have pizza for tea tonight 😉

    • The Trail We Leave Behind says:

      In order to keep the post short I just chose my all time faves, but I’m with you in regards to being able to write a book!!

    • The Trail We Leave Behind says:

      I used to love it, now it’s just a bit overused for my liking but if you like it, use the shit out of it lol! I wonder what it takes to create a new buzz word, maybe we could find a new one for tribe?

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