The Juggle is Real!

There’s lots of things that people don’t prepare you for before you become a parent, one such thing I wrote about here little while ago but one of the other’s I’m starting to discover is the juggling of extra curricular activities.

Swimming is a non-negotaible activity for out children, we spend way to much time around the river and the ocean for them not to be competent swimmers. Apart from that, we are willing to let the kids have a go at anything, the only rule is that if you start something (especially if it requires a uniform) then you see it through for the year.

Princess stuck with ballet and cheerleading for quite a few years. When she began school, she started Net Set Go which she loves. Her Aunties both play netball and we have a beautiful friend that plays for the Melbourne Vixens that Princess looks up to. One day, she really wants to be in a team (she can’t play until she is eight) and I think a team sport would be great for her.

This year, the dance school closed but not before Princess had already made the decision to try Gymnastics. Turns out she loves this too and is pretty good at it, meaning that a couple of weeks ago her teacher spoke to me about moving her into the next class up. Resulting in adding another hour of gymnastics and a selection of two times which both clashed with swimming and Net Set Go. OF COURSE there was a clash, of course this wasn’t going to be easy!!!

And so the juggle became real!! It’s literally taken me two weeks of writing different scenarios down on paper trying to fit it all in. As parents too, at some stage there will need to be a discussion about swimming and at what point we say to the kids you have the skills you need and you’re never going to be an Olympic swimmer, you can stop now. And this have nothing to do with our kids being spoilt and us not being willing to drop an activity, it’s more about what each activity has to offer our kids and what they get out of it.

So for now, I’ve managed to juggle my way out of this little issue but making so switcheroos with swimming and changing Gymnastics to another night. God help me though when the Ragamuffin adds in some of his own activities!!

I’d love to know how many activities your kids do? IS there a


10 thoughts on “The Juggle is Real!

  1. my2morrows says:

    It’s so crazy isn’t it. Swimming is a mandatory in our eyes too. Our miss 6 also does ballet on sat mornings and jazz after school on wed. In summer she goes nippers on Sunday’s. She also wants to do gymnastics but we just can’t squeeze it in right now. I’d love her to do net set go and maybe some kind of music but yoi have to draw the line somewhere. And master almost 5 has just started playing soccer. Saturday mornings are chaos around here! Thanks for linking up to the ultimate rabbit hole xx

    • lifeatno2 says:

      You are right about a line having to be drawn somewhere! At the moment we are trying to avoid weekend activities because of our caravan down the beach, that being said though, I have been thinking about nippers for the kids when we are down there. What benefits have you noticed from nippers, I’d love to hear!?

  2. Shari from GoodFoodWeek says:

    Right now, my sons who are 3 and 18 months, do swimming and gymbaroo. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep on top of two activities when number three comes around. I agree that swimming is a MUST. And we grew up doing two activities at a time – so I think that I will probably run with that. That’s a total of six activities that I shall be driving people back and forth to.

  3. Kit@Life through the haze says:

    We stopped swimming years ago when it became about stroke correction for breaststroke and butterfly and squads so just swimming laps we said our kids could stop. They are competent swimmers but do not in anyway ever want to swim laps or compete. I loved competing in swimming races at their age and held a national title in Fiji for my age once. The key to swimming competency is practice and if you do lots of that with play in the river and ocean you will know when the time is right to stop. It will likely coincide with the cost of another activity. lol

    The juggle was huge last year for my hubby who I think finally got some sort of tiny appreciation for the running around I did. I had a major breakdown you see and spent time in hospital and also as a result of the breakdown was deemed not cognitively competent for a drivers licence. This meant that he had to step up to the plate, working and juggling activities. His response to a lot of this was to cancel a lot of the activities. And my a lot I mean the additional coaching my son was having at cricket, and some of the girls dancing, plus because he was a dad doing it all he had more help from all the mums especially at dancing than you can imagine. A little part of me wonders if he understands that perhaps if he had stepped up sooner the breakdown may not have happened.

    My biggest piece of advice is don’t put more into the schedule than one person can reasonably handle in addition to a full-time job, and make sure you include in that schedule time for your to chill. Mine are 15 and twins 11 so there are always more kids than adults but if you can divide and conquer or encourage the kids to do the same activities do that too. When mine did swimming it was scheduled all for the same time to limit the back and forth there.

    hugs xoxo

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Wow Kat, I’m sorry to hear your story but maybe it serves as a bit of a warning to Mums that even if you want the best for your children, it’s no good unless you’re looking out for yourself too! Since reading your comment I’ve definitely taken it onboard. On Tuesday I usually rush from netball to swimming and by the time I actually set down to watch the kids I feel so flustered! So now I don’t rush to leave netball and I drive calmly to swimming, I figure if we are five minutes late what’s the big deal!!?? Thanks for sharing your story x

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