Litte Project

So earlier this year I took on a little project, one that I thought I’d be finished by now but it seems I haven’t even scratched the surface! If you’ve been a reader of Life at No.2 for a while you’d know about our little beach escape, a caravan in a quite nook by the beach. We love it there, we look forward the weekends we have sketched in our diaries to go and savour the times we are there as a family.

But mid last year, the old caravan started to fall to pieces. Years of being in the same spot, with the sea air whipping at her exterior has meant that little problems have started to pop up. Some days when I stood at the sink to do the dishes I would feel something under my feet drop away, small leaks have started to appear leaving water damage inside and then we lost power!

After being asked to move our beloved girl to another site in the park, we decided to start hunting for a new van. It took months of searching on Gumtree and the like, often the vans we liked were priced too high or sold almost immediately. Then, as if by chance, we fell upon a van in our town, the price was ridiculously cheap and ticked all the boxes which I was quite firm on. The only issue was that the owner had started to paint the van and was only a quarter of the way through.

Don’t you just love all the browns and the dodgy paint job that was started!

I was always been so excited about having a little project like this, Hubby has wiped his hands of it and handed everything over to me, which I’m loving! But the weekends have been full to the brim and it was only the last two weeks that I’ve been able to get in there and make a start.

I’ve now officially painted two of the three main rooms and given them a second coat. The third room (the kids room) will be this weekend all going to plan. After that, I’ll be sourcing some curtains, new doors knobs for all of the cupboards and a new mattress for the double bed. Then it will be all the finishing touches like donna covers, lights, paintings and photographs. Watch out Kmart, I’ll be coming for you!

I’m painting everything a soft grey and leaving the roof white.

I’d also love to knock out the couch and get rid of the table and build a little breakfast bar looking out into the annexe. Hubby isn’t keen on that idea, what do you think? Maybe it’s because he thinks it’s more work for him, maybe I could get a friend to do it and surprise him?

Do you have any projects that you are currently knee deep in? I’d love to see them! I’ll keep you updated on the caravan makeover!


12 thoughts on “Litte Project

  1. Denyse Whelan says:

    That looks great with the changes you are making. What a wonderful fun and creative project you are doing which will be so good when you get to stay and use the caravan for your breaks and holidays.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Thanks Denyse! I’m definitely looking forward to replacing our old one with this one, I think I’ll definitely be more inclined to use it much more it’s the kids by myself! It already seems cleaner with a lick of paint

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