Finding a bit of bliss

Turning forty just like turning eighteen, twenty-one and thirty is a big milestone in ones life. Hubby has always wanted to visit Vegas (somewhere I’ve already been and the long distance flight isn’t really appealing for me) but I really want him to go. So we’ve decided that he will go for his fortieth with a group of mates that all turn the same age that year. He’s already opened a bank account and started saving. Which got me to thinking, what could I do for mine?? Now keep in mind that we are still three to four years of hitting the big 4 – o! But it gives us something to work towards and save slowly for.

And then I found it, bam! Keep in mind, this is not a sponsored post but hell, if you want to chuck in a free trip for me, who am I to complain 😉 A Health Retreat in Bali but wait for it……. without the health!! I mean c’mon, I’m not going to pay a large sum of money to go on a holiday where someone feeds me lettuce leaves and green smoothies.

Bliss Sanctuary looks amazing and ticks all of my boxes for a fortieth to look forward to and spur me on to start saving now! A place for women only aka no kids or husbands! Including meals and a ninety minute spa/massage treatment every day, what more could you ask for?? I’d love to lock in the sightseeing package, the volcano trek really appeals to me, something different that haven’t done in Bali before. Not to mention the access to bikes and an amazing pool to swim and relax by.


When I found Bliss the other week and showed it to Hubby, he asked me why I didn’t just go next year to which I replied that I don’t have the money. What I really wanted to say was don’t tempt me!

Do you have something you’re saving or looking forward to? Did you do something amazing for a milestone birthday?


7 thoughts on “Finding a bit of bliss

  1. lifeloveandhiccups says:

    I too spent my 40th birthday in Bali and it was literally the lifechanger of a trip for me and I couldnt imagine having celebrated the beginning of the next phase of my life any other way xx

  2. Kit@Life through the haze says:

    I can honestly say that 40 is really just a number. I say that from the other side! I turned 45 this year. Would I love to be younger, sure I would but that is partly because my greatest fear is around death/dying and leaving my children so I want to be younger and them the same age if that makes sense. I know that is really morbid but there is a lot of that in my story.
    But yes it is one of those BIG birthdays. We had a joint party because I am a little older than my hubby but we turn the same age in the same year if that makes sense. But I didn’t do anything much really. It was a big year really and we should probably have done more somehow we had our 10th wedding anniversary, turned 40 (May/Sept) our eldest turned 10 so it was one of those big years but it was also incredibly overshadowed by my nephew’s brain cancer journey (he is doing ok!)
    I love the idea of going off and really just being to start the next phase. I think I would have liked to do that this year for my 45th but the timing wasn’t right. I am hoping that when some things are finalised there might be an opportunity for me to do this maybe. Or when I finish my book I can do it – best I get started hey!
    Go for it I say! Run while you can!

  3. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    Oh how awesome! I hired a minibus for my 40th and filled it with my friends and we had a fun day of wine tasting in the Hunter Valley. It was so much fun! When we got back to Sydney in the evening, we kept the good times rolling with a party at the local pub! I think getting older is a privilege denied to many so every birthday is special, but milestone birthdays are totally worth pushing the boat out for!

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