*NOT a sponsored pot by any stretch of the imagination, just something that I’ve found, started using and love!

SmugMug is a website that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with!! If you treasure your photos as much as I do, or take photos as much as I do, maybe it’s something you should look at.

Last year I had some computer issues, like as in my computer had a cardiac arrest, was revived but some things just weren’t the same again. When I take photos on my DSLR I have a bit of a process that I use. I upload and edit the photos almost immediately and file them in a folder titled with the month on my desktop. At the end of each month I then back the folder up to an external hard-drive. And that worked really well, well, until it didn’t. When my computer had it’s cardiac arrest, it was towards the end of a month, meaning that I hadn’t backed up that particular folder, and these were of course the ones I lost.

Enter SmugMug! I still have a folder on my desktop titled with the month, and I still back up to an external drive at the end of the month, but now I also use SmugMug. After I’ve finished editing I back up to here too. SmugMug is basically an online external hard-drive. You can set your account to private, which I have. But the thing I do love about SmugMug apart from how visually pleasing it is and how easy it is to use, is that you can choose to share your albums with family and friends (either with a password or a link that is sent to them via email). You can also give them the option to be able to print the photos and use them on social media.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.04.49 pm

Everything can be tailored to your personal needs. For instance, my account is set to private and I cannot be searched for within the site. I choose to share certain albums with family and friends via the link in an email (you’re allowed up to fifty emails). I have allowed it so my Mum (who usually always nags me for copies of photos) can print her own out. I decided to disable the ability for family and friends to share on social media, a personal choice that I’m happy with. And I have allowed some people the ability to save the photos to their desktop. But the choices are all yours!!

I’m currently in the process of loading on all the photos I have on my external hard-drive to SmugMug. I try to do a folder or two a week. It’s definitely given me the piece of mind I wanted in regards to having my photos in a safe space that I can easily access and share with the people I want.



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