When the holidays don’t go to plan

I always have the school holidays planned out. You know, a good mix of home days when you just don’t have to be anywhere and you can lounge in your pjs, mixed in with day trips and a few days down the caravan. And you think I would’ve learnt by now that the best laid plans, well, don’t always go to plan.

I’ve been laying low the last couple of days. Struck down with what was diagnosed by two Doctors and a Neurologist as Bell’s Palsy. I been coping with the weird feelings in my face as well as some pretty attractive face spasms as best as I can, with lots of laughing at myself. But after days since¬†the first symptoms, my face still hadn’t drooped, which is the biggest tell tail sign of Bell’s. Instead, my body switched the symptoms up to the other side of my face. Never one to do things the normal way, never.

So now we are back to square one. The Doctor thinks migraine could be the culprit, which would fit seeings as migraine’s have been part of my life since I was about eight years old, 26 years of being friends, wow! But there still isn’t a definite answer, I’m heading for a CT scan in the next few days, maybe that will provide some more information for us to work with.

But until then, I’ll keep laying low, trying to rest as much as one can rest on the school holidays with two coldest running around! I’ve got the fire roaring, movies loaded, a new journal to write in and a project to chip away at.

I hope that your holidays have been a little less eventful as mine and you have enjoyed your time with the family.


3 thoughts on “When the holidays don’t go to plan

  1. Kit@Life through the haze says:

    That is absolutely no fun at all. I hope you get to the bottom of the issue soon. There is nothing worse than having uncomfortable and painful symptoms and no answer for them at all. It is a litle like me I have read that i have been told over and over if I could just face up to the stress I am under and de-stress then my memory would come back. Ummm telling me to just relax is not helpful and that it will resolve itself is really not helpful. Equally pain in your face is awful, especially nerve pain because you want it to go away so you touch it and then that hurts more so the cycle goes.
    Sending you lots of healing vibes and hopefully you have managed to rest up (well as much as you can with kids in the holidays!) and you get some answers soon.
    C xoxo

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