I have no baggage

No literally, I don’t have a bag! Bear with me…..

When you have a baby, no matter how hard you try to keep an slither of your identity, you end up being that woman who ditches her expensive handbag for a cute baby bag that you just throw your bankcard, license, phone and keys chucked into it. I mean you can’t even be bothered carrying around a purse, it all just becomes a little too hard. It happens to all of us, there’s no point fighting it!

And as your baby hits toddlerhood, the glimmer of excitement rises within you and ditch the baby bag, in hope that with this soon will be the return of your handbag. Within days you begin to realise that not only do you not have your handbag back but if fact you’ve swapped it AND the baby bag for a cute little backpack with Pepper Pig or Thomas the Tank on the back. Laden with sippy cups, wipes, toys and changes of clothes, and lets not forget the bankcard, license, keys and phone thrown in once again. Ok I lie, at this point I may have started using my purse again.

But here’s the thing ladies, shit just got real in my house! Ragamuffin is now well and truly toilet trained, he has control over his own boogers and can keep himself entertained. I. Have. Arrived!! I am literally empty handed, bagless if you will. To the point where I don’t even really own a handbag anymore to revert back too. And lets face it, if I did, it’d probably be totally out of fashion anyway.


So now the big question is, what do I spoil myself with?? Any cute handbag suggestions, pop them in the comments below.



34 thoughts on “I have no baggage

  1. edie115 says:

    Rare bags on Facebook. The most awesomest bags ever…. plus it can work for nappies plus handbag and you will get heaps of admiring questions 🙂

  2. Sew Crafty Deb says:

    Oh I remember that so well. I actually threw the old baby/toddler bag into the bin when its days were done. No sentimentality whatsoever. So freeing! Ozsale have great bargains that come up all the time for clothing, bags, and all sorts of grown up stuff.

  3. Cat@Life through the haze says:

    I seem to have ended up back with the big bag to carry everything again! I am no longer carrying the spare clothes, nappies etc now it is books, ipads, etc. Clearly at one point in history I was a pack horse and that is the trait I am carrying forward with me! I have no suggestions other than to take Raychael up on her suggestion of one of her bags!

    • lifeatno2 says:

      You know what Cat, I have a feeling I’ll be heading in the same direction as you, except it’ll be my camera, a notebook, the book I’m ready, all my medicine essentials urgh think I’ll need a huge tote!

      • Cat@Life through the haze says:

        Oh don’t worry I carry my diary, journal, knitting and book to read every where I go I’ll snap a pic and pop on your facey page. Then there are times my laptop goes in plus chargers I would love a small pretty bag but I think then I’d just end up with two bags one for all the things and a pretty one …

  4. unitedstatesofmama says:

    Oh the freedom when they get out of nappies and can last 30 minutes without a drink bottle or snack! I’ve reverted back to the handbag I had before I had kids- if you find some awesome ones, let me know!

  5. sarahjbowen1983 says:

    I spoiled myself with a leather satchel
    handbag earlier this year. I love satchel bags because they leave your hands free.

  6. Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit says:

    I’m a big fan of new handbag label Sash and Belle. But I’m biased because it’s a friend’s label she created out of Canberra. But check it out. She’s got some great stuff and I personally have the Perry Tote. Business bag, come travel bag, come baby bag. It even has a plastic pocket inside for drink bottle/baby bottle/to protect phone from drink bottles.

  7. sixlittlehearts says:

    Go you!
    I am using baby bags forever with six kids. Otherwise I’d be toting excess bags like a juggler.
    I think you should enjoy this stage with a little crossbody and rejoice in the freedom. (I just pray there will be no booger or worse experiences for you while you do!)

  8. Denyse Whelan says:

    I have one bag. I cannot deal with life with more than one because of the ‘transfer’ issue…’if all I need is in one bag, then I know I have it’. I too agonise over bags. They must be ones I can put over my body to leave my hands free, but not too heavy or my shoulders hurt and they must have easy to open zips and pockets which can fit my phone. I also need to fit a small water bottle in. I find a black one the easy choice but a lining in a colour helps me see the stuff. Last one I bought was in leather and it’s going well.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Oooo they sound nice too! I got a bag yesterday from Colette which is either cross body or arm but it’s quite big, which is what I wanted! That way on my work days I can chuck my laptop and iPad in aswell

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