Writing in covers

When I was young, I loved getting books as gifts. But what I love more now as an adult is looking back at those books and the inside cover. You see, when I used to receive books as gifts, in the cover the gift-giver would write a short message, or scrawl who it was from and the current year. But a few weeks back I was talking to a group of friends, they were horrified that me, as a book lover, would actually write in a book! They would never write in a book, to them it was like graffiti.


As the Christmas season approaches, I will be buying lots of books to give as gifts, whether it be to some kidlets I know, or to friends. And just like in previous years, I will be writing little messages in the cover. While I’m doing it, I’ll probably be having a little giggle at my friends who think I am a graffiti artist, defacing the covers on brand new books. The fact that in a few years time, the books may be read or shared with others, and they will know who it’s from makes me smile.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, are you some who writes in the covers, or do you too think that it’s a big no no?


15 thoughts on “Writing in covers

  1. Deborah says:

    I write my name in a book if I’m going to keep it but don’t write in the book itself…. unless I know I won’t keep it. I am a book blogger, so I keep a pen and paper nearby for writing notes, or if online make notes in the app!

  2. Lydia C. Lee says:

    I used to be so precious about books but when we moved I had to give away about 3000 of them, so now I just dog ear the pages and pass around with little care if they return…so draw away, I say

  3. deb dane says:

    I admit I underline, write notes, dogear pages etc I guess I really use books instead of putting them on a pedestal of staying pristine.

    As someone who also buys second hand books I love that someday your inscribed books may be picked up by another reader who wonders about you and the gift recipient. The book can then have a story in its own right beyond the story in the pages.

  4. Toni (Finding Myself Young) says:

    I love writing messages inside book covers when I give them as gifts! Especially when they’re for little kids. I think it’s so lovely to have a little message to look back on. I also love when I buy second hand little golden books and they have kids names or messages inside the cover. It adds to the history of the book I think. #teamIBOT

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