A New Year, now what?

Another year has come and gone, 2016, like every other year before it had it’s ups and downs. Time to wipe the slate clean and start a new. Research shows that setting resolutions and sticking to them is less than 10%, which is almost laughable!! I instead like to tag words to my year and set myself some goals, achievable ones that is!!

During the month of December I started to reflect on the year and where I wanted to go to. This way my goals and my words aren’t just something that pop into my head on the 1st of January and I run with, they are well thought out and hold meaning for me.

This year, my word that will guide me is compassion. It’s not that I don’t show compassion, far from it actually, but I want it to be in the forefront of my mind when dealing with my own children, the students I teach and their families and my friends. I want to step out of my little introverted box too and offer it up to strangers, to the Mum struggling at the supermarket with her littles (it could be just a knowing smile), with the old lady struggling to get the shopping bags into her car. Small acts go a big way I believe.


And my goals, some of which are things that I have let slip by the wayside.

  1. Camera usage was down a heck of a lot last year, probably the worst year since I’ve owned a DSLR! I think my camera being broken was a bit of karma and ‘wake up and smell the roses’ for me. Can’t wait to get my mojo back.
  2. Take that short online course you’ve always wanted to do (this will also hopefully help with the lack of photo mojo).
  3. Get back to sending birthday cards and snail mail! I loved doing this a couple of years ago and I know the recipients did too.
  4. Gym, at least three times a week, plus one family related activity (bike ride, walk to the park, swimming).
  5. Get back to reading every night rather than scrolling. Even if it’s only a page or two, lets do this!
  6. Blog once a week and get my name out their again.
  7. Connect with more like minded people; bloggers, people who I follow on Instagram and people who enjoy photography but don’t necessarily want a business.
  8. Distance myself  further from the ‘drama’
  9. Learn to say no a little more.
  10. Continue moving forward in speaking up. Stick to my rule of ‘if I tell two people it must be bugging me, so speak up!’.

And that my friends is it!

I’d to hear what your plans are for the new year. Are you a word person, a goal person, a resolution setter, or an intention setter?


6 thoughts on “A New Year, now what?

  1. deb dane says:

    Love your word and goal list Bel. My word grace includes compassion!!! I also need to get out with my DSLR and cut out bedtime scrolling in favour of more reading.

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