Changing Mindset

I joined the gym a few months ago. Again! I joined up at a club where I a friend goes, we quickly made plans to go at least once a week together. But life happens, and months into my membership I think we’ve been once together! Despite this though, I’ve been managing to go at least two to three times a week. Something is better than nothing right?

But like most people, I have to drag my butt there, like it’s some sort of chore that I have to do. “Better go to gym, haven’t been this week” sounds very similar to “better mop the floor, haven’t done it all week” doesn’t it? And to be honest, it was beginning to frustrate me! Then I’d look around at my friends, a few of which in the last few years have become somewhat addicted to fitness, or, when they donn’t exercise, it feels like something is missing in their life. And that got me to thinking….what makes them so different to me?

And then it hit me!

Maybe it’s all about mindset?


So over the past few weeks, I made an active decision to change my self talk, to change my mindset. At the end of every day, instead of dragging my sorry ass to the gym, I was going to see it as a reward. Yep, you heard it right here, a reward! Now bear with me here. As a Mum and Primary School teacher, my day is FULL of little people wanting, needing, asking, talking, negotiating, tantrum-ing, fighting, arguing,  loving, needing love, needing comfort and the list, goes, on!! By the time I get home, I sometimes feel like I am in sensory overload, and lets be honest, as a Mum, you don’t get to clock off. And here is where the reward part comes in…….

I started to reward myself with going to the gym after a hard-working day. Why? Because when I go there, even though I am exercising and pushing myself physically, I get to switch everything else off!! I get to listen to what I want to listen to, hell I can even watch whatever TV show I want! I get time to myself, time where I don’t have to talk, or answer questions, or meet the needs of someone else or be touched. It’s my fucking reward people!!

And the best part is? Weeks after trying to change my mindset, I’ve been going to the gym way more often AND I’ve been enjoying it!! Go figure? Maybe I could end up being a fitness junkie too (ok Bel, lets not get ahead of ourselves!).

Tell me, have you ever tried to change your mindset? And if so, I’d love to hear about it and whether it worked for you or not.


6 thoughts on “Changing Mindset

  1. Denyse Whelan says:

    Way to go!! And as a now retired teacher and long time ago Mum of school age kids I know how much you dont want to hear your name or be asked another question for a while when you get home. Great plan, and mindset stuff is so powerful.

  2. @ashleighsmeow says:

    Totally agree. I’m on a walking plan at the moment and it was a drag to get out of bed, but now it’s me time. I’ve found some great podcasts or find the chance to think through what I am doing for the day.

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