Back to School batch baking

Being a working Mumma Bear, albeit part-time, I like to optimise the time when I am on holidays to prepare as best I can for the onslaught of each school term. I’m big on batch baking and freezing where I can, with a mix of healthy and sweet treats and lunches. This post is for you, just as much as it is for me! I’ve curated the best recipes from across the lands (ok, across the internet) so we can stock those freezers and reduce the lunch box hassle for Term 1, a parents dream am I right!?


A seven day challenge to get you lunch box ready! I love pizza scrolls and have also previously made vegemite and cheese ones. I am looking forward to trying the choc-zuchinni muffins!

I made the¬†cookies last year, the kids loved them and they were so easy! It was good having the extra dough ready to go in the freezer to pull out and cook a new batch too. There’s a few other recipes here I want to try too

The pikelets and muesli bars are on my radar!

My sister swears by the following two recipes, she says they are so yummy!

Wanted to add this link too because it links to a heap of other great recipes and breaks them up into easy categories to search for what you want.

So what is your go-to snack or lunch box recipe and is it freezable?





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