Ten must haves for your beach visit

We’ve all seen and been those dishevelled, wind swept looking parents walking up sand dunes, back to the car with the look of defeat smudged all over their face. You know the ones? Numerous towels slung over their shoulders, lugging a heap of crap in their arms, occasionally dropping a spade here or a bucket there, while a screaming toddler brings up the rear. Yep, I know you are just picturing it, aren’t you!?

As a regular beach goer over the years and even more so this year with Princess starting Nippers, I thought I’d share with you some of our beach must haves that have made life a little easier on us.

Life at no2

  1. Get yourself a beach buggy. Now don’t laugh, these things are worth their weight in gold! I literally packed ours with towels for the whole family, a small esky, bag of snacks, a Tupperware container with cut up fruit and a bag of sandpit toys with a heap of space to spare! We got ours from Aldi and it also doubles as a chair. It’s easy to pull across the sand and it means I have my hands free!
  2. Lets look after the kids and get them some good quality sand toys. They’ll last much longer than the cheap versions and the kids will love them. This year I grabbed a scrunch bucket and these cool castle moulds, this three pack and this awesome diggers which have already paid for themselves!
  3. Speaking of sand toys, lets store those babies smart! I’ve used beach bags before, but honestly, grab yourself a mesh washing basket or bag, holds the toys and leaves the sand behind.
  4. If you’re going to the beach for a long period of time, research and find yourself a decent tent. We are in the market for a new one and I’m eying off Kathmandu.
  5. We all know about the baby powder hack to get sand off little ones but be honest, have you actually tried it? I have, and it works! I also saw somewhere to fill a sock with the baby powder and seal off with an elastic, and use it that way (makes sense, it’s a two prong attack then with the sock and the powder).
  6. A spray bottle with water. Every had your kids ask you for a snack and their hands are covered in sand? Or they have sand in their eye, a cut on their foot? A handy little spray bottle with clean water allows your to clean dirty hands and deal with a heap of other problems too.
  7. Be prepared. Take along an esky with frozen water bottles that you can drink later and portioned snacks in ziplock bags to curve those swimming induced hunger pangs. Your buggy can help you carry the esky!
  8. Hooded towels, best invention ever! Throw them on the kids to keep them warm or on the walk back to the car. My kidlets have grown out of the ones you can get from Kmart and the like, so we are looking at getting the longer ones.
  9. Suncreen and hats. Apply, reapply and apply again. There has been bad reports in the media of sunscreens not doing their job properly. Choose one that you know works for your family. If you’re interested, have a read about the two types of sunscreen and what you should be looking for in order to protect your screen today and for the future. I also make sure I take hats that I know the kids will wear without reminders.
  10. Hubby and I like to be alert and after a spate of summer drownings even more so. It’s for this reason I don’t like to take a book to the beach (my kids are still young and in need of supervision), instead Hubby and I sometimes take our speaker to listen to some music or join in on the sand castle making fun.

11 thoughts on “Ten must haves for your beach visit

  1. Seana Smith says:

    Would love a look at your buggy as not sure what they look like. I’m so often there with bags and towels all over the shop. We did trial a massive bag from the USA which is pretty good.

  2. Shari from GoodFoodWeek says:

    We got an awesome sun tent this year from BCF – it was $60 an a great investment. We love our sand tents, it means that we can make the most of the beach, even with baby in tow. Thanks for linking up for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole xox

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