When you disappear

Holy shit-balls! January…….that was the last time I wrote on my precious blog. And no, I’m not going to sit here and apologise, because, well life, life happens and sometimes the things you love doing; you just can’t seem to carve the time out for anymore.

I think about my place, my space here often, some days I have blog posts swirl in my head and then they float away as quickly as the time does. My social media detox ended a little while ago when I rejoined the land of Facebook, and it’s interesting at how it slowly creeps back into your life…..maybe this is something I need to reflect on again, maybe if I was doing less scrolling I would have more time to write here? As a family we have strict rules around the use of devices in our house, the best one we have implemented so far is no technology in the lounge room at all. I you want to make a call, do it somewhere else, if you get a text or receive one, head into another room to check it.

I’ve kept the creative juices flowing though, just in different ways. I started a little social media role where I get to carve out Instagram and Facebook posts and take photographs of their amazing products being used. It’s a family business that I am becoming more familiar with and I’m really enjoying my time with them and strengthening our relationship. In my role as Teacher, I have the opportunity to inject creativity into the way I present lessons and the activities and tasks I organise for the kids. No two days are the same, no class is the same, it’s why I love my job. So creatively, I haven’t been stagnant.

One night driving, I had an idea for a book pop into my head. I was really excited about it, and mapped out a rough plan of some of the things I want to be in it. It pops back into my head regularly, so it is definitely something I want to start writing in the near future, before someone else beats me too it or the ideas and passion fades away! Maybe one day it’ll happen!

Apart from being slack writing here, I’ve also been slack taking photos. I’m not sure what it is, but my mojo has definitely faded over the last year or so. So in a bid to fall back in love with taking photos I’ve started my own little project. I didn’t want to label it as a 365, because, just too much pressure really, and who needs more of that, ha! Instead, I’m calling it ‘Bel’s contended days’ and I’m going to try and take a photo each day if I can, of something that makes me happy, that makes me feel content. I’m posting them over on Instagram if you wanted to check it out.

So, I just wanted to pop in and say hi if you’re still here! I’d love to know if you are and what yo have been up to?

Bel x


21 thoughts on “When you disappear

  1. Elisa @ With Grace & Eve says:

    I’ve been away from my blog a bit too, but I’ve come back to it just recently – all of a sudden remembered why I love it so much and why I need to write. I love your photo project. Following on insta. It’s those little happy moments that I most want to savour too. Elisa xx

  2. boundforsomewhere says:

    I can relate, I don’t mean to but I have a lot of projects (all creative). I flow in and out of them… but aways come back to writing.
    I have just jumped over to Insta to follow you. I love seeing ‘Happiness’ I think we could all do with seeing more happiness and kindness in this world. Look forward to hopefully hearing more about your book too!

  3. Maxabella says:

    Oh hello there, my fellow fifo blogger. Ad very you you’re doing well. I will come find you on insta. I’m well out of the photo habit myself…

  4. Denyse Whelan says:

    I was recently hacked on IG and lost all of my pics but I’ve gone back and setting is at private for better security. I am occasionally on twitter and more often on FB just scrolling through. It is company in some ways but I also know my days can be better when I get up and go outside or drive to the beach to take pics! I like your description of your day. No 2 are ever the same. Yep. I get that.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Oh bugger that’s terrible that you lost all your photos Denyse, I’m sorry that happened to you! Yep, we must get out and take more pictures, and the beach is a perfect place

  5. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    Welcome back! That’s the thing I love about blogging, no matter how long you leave it, you can always pick up where you left off!

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