Listening to your body

I love following people on Instagram and reading their blogs. The lovely Amelia Williams (two different links, one to her blog and one to her Instagram) always talks about listening to your body and acting in accordance. She’s like most Mumma’s though; sometimes she is good at it and other times, she powers through because sometimes, the week is kicking your arse and you just have to get shit done!

So a couple of weeks ago, I know now I should’ve listened to my body. Really, when I look back, it was talking to me, then nudging me, then pushing me, yelling and then finally screaming when I refused to listen. It started with a bit of tiredness, followed by feeling flat and just not myself. Within days, I had a niggling pain in my neck and my senses were heightened. I even remember saying to my sister-inlaw at dinner with friends that I was a “monty to get a migraine”. Sure enough, the next day, last of the working week for me, I woke with the unmistakable, undeniable hammering of a migraine. But you know, being the last day of the working week and being a long migraine sufferer, I did what I would normally do and headed off to work.

I made it through the day. Now normally my migraines stick with me for three days, in that time they can ease off and come back with vengeance, but they never ever during that time fully leave my side. This guy though, hung on for dear life as day four swung round. And it was only really at this point did I think to myself that it was probably time to take time to focus on getting better.

I took a couple of days off work, and if you know migraines, sleep became my best friend. Food and drink took a back seat, so did worrying about the family. Hubby dug deep, picking up the slack without hesitation. But by this point, it was all probably too little, too late. The migraine clung for over a week and with it once again joined the face spasms that visited me last year (which at the time they thought was Bell’s Palsy and then when that didn’t come about, migraine was tossed around as a possibility).

Looking back, I wish I just had’ve listened body when it started giving me those subtle hints. If I had, maybe I could have had a couple of early nights, slowed down and maybe, just maybe only had to take a day off work instead of the week I ended up taking.

I guess what I’m saying, is now that Winter is on it’s way, we really do need to look after ourselves and keep an eye out for those signs. I mean how many Mum’s do you hear about falling in a heap with sickness when the school holidays finally hit because they have spent the term ‘powering through life’. It could mean something as simply as scrapping the after-school activities and instead bathing the kids early, jumping in your pjs, cuddling up with a hot cuppa and a good book and settling in by the fire for the night. I love this little poster that gives Busy Mum’s some ideas for self care.

Anyway, I hope you are all listening to those subtle hints and are taking care of yourselves. Does this post resonate with you? What are you are doing to look after yourself?


5 thoughts on “Listening to your body

  1. Elisa @ With Grace + Eve says:

    I think we had the same week! Migraine + virus took me down for a week. Bloody horrible. But I’ve got the slow-down message now. If only the delivery was a little kinder!! Hope you’re feeling so much better xx

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