Five ways to beat end-of-term tiredness

The mornings are dark and cold. I don’t know about you, but I’m having to drag my butt out of bed every morning, then rustle up enough strength to pull the kids out of theirs too. It’s all just a bit too hard at the moment, and then the realisation strikes, we have well and truly hit end-of-term-itis!


So what can you do to combat or slightly the lesson the effects which include but are not limited to lethargy, moodiness, attitude and sass, and of course, thrown in for good measure short fuses (I’m talking parents and kidlets on all accounts!).

  1. Do more now, to do less later. No matter how tired you are from your day at work or slogging it as a Mum, make those school lunches, lay out those clothes and have those diaries and readers signed before you go to bed. It mightn’t seem like much, but it can mean you can take your mornings just that little bit slower. It means for a less ranty Mumma in the mornings too, trust me!
  2. Blow off the after-school activities occasionally. When the kids are becoming restless, sometimes nothing beats a night at home. Walk in the door, run the kids a warm  bath, throw on the heater and jump in your pjs early. We sometimes lay of the couch reading books, watch a movie or play a game.
  3. Get out doors. I know know, it’s bloody freezing at the moment, believe me as someone who doesn’t normally feel the cold, I definitely am at the moment! Throw the school bags inside and go for a quick walk to the local park, let the kids ride their scooters or bikes out the front (join in or just supervise) before the sun goes down.
  4. Have an early night. I don’t know about you but the quality of TV at the moment isn’t that great, which is the perfect opportunity to sneak off to bed early. On the days where I can sense the kids are hitting a wall, I let them jump in bed with me and hubby for snuggles…’s the perfect medicine to send them straight to sleep. It means they get the rest their bodies and minds are screaming our for and so do we.
  5. Escape it all. We’re lucky enough to have out caravan down the beach, so when it all gets to much we pack up and head there. It means we do a whole lot of nothing and the best bit is we have quality family time and come back feeling refreshed.

What are your top tips to beat end-of-term-itis?


8 thoughts on “Five ways to beat end-of-term tiredness

  1. Elisa @ With Grace + Eve says:

    I hear you.i have two sick, and not feeling the greatest myself. Early nights for us, and the slow cooker is doing dinner for us most nights!! Can’t wait for the holidays! We are hoping to escape too. Hope your next week is smooth sailing Bel xx

  2. Tash @ Gift Grapevine says:

    We have definitely hit end-of-term-itis in our house. The kids are tired and grumpy, as am I! We did the early bath and into PJs early trick this afternoon! We’re limping towards the school holidays – only one more week to go to!!

  3. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    No kids here but we still have the equivalent of end of term fatigue – maybe because it’s mid year. We’ve been saying no to mid week socialising, getting more organised with meal planning and lunch box making and going to bed early with a good book. Small tweaks that make a big difference!

  4. Denyse Whelan says:

    I have no more tips but I remember how tiring it was to be teaching all day then come home with the kids and do more at night. I think letting go of some stuff can help you make it till the end of term…especially this one which is report writing and parent teacher talks time.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Oh yep, teaching and motherhood can be tricky that’s for sure! I definitely let things go the last month while I’ve been report writing, lucky Hubby is awesome and steps up to the plate!

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