Melbourne to Alice Springs in two weeks

It's been two weeks since we arrived home from our amazing road trip and this is the first real opportunity I've had to sit down and write!

So how'd it all go? A question I've been asked numerous times since returning. Well let me start by giving you some quick numbers to create a picture for you:

3 drivers

1 six berth Maui Van

3 Adults

2 kids under the age of ten


14 nights

14 days

12 different locations we spent the night at

3 of these we had access to power

6 of these were truck stops/rest areas

countless memories and lots of laughter!!

In this post, I thought I'd give you a basic run down of our itinerary and the places we stayed. Please be aware, we didn't have a lot of down time AND we did have three driver's (which is probably the most important thing to remember when you look at what we achieved!). Our drives were also broken up to allow for driver swaps, leg stretches and to cook lunch.

One of the biggest tools we used on our journey was the CamperMate app, which I did have on my phone (but service was rare so I wasn't able to access it!) but our Camper had a TomTom that had this already installed. It was helpful in the fact that we were able to plan our stops to cook lunch and also to sleep.

Our Itinerary:

Friday night – left Melbourne and drove to Horsham. We stopped here for a quick bite to eat, then changed into our pjs and kept driving. We stayed overnight at Port Pirie at a rest stop (used the app to locate it!).

Cost – nothing!



Saturday night – Port Pirie to Coober Pedy. Stayed at Desert View Apartments so that we could stay underground! This was the only time we didn't stay in the camper.

Cost – $190



Sunday – drove from Coober Pedy to Agnes Creek Rest Stop and stayed here the night.

Cost – nothing!

305kms (or thereabouts)


Monday – Agnes Creek to Kings Canyon. Stayed at Kings Canyon Resort.

Cost – $70 for an unpowered site, by far the most expensive place we stayed.



Tuesday – Kings Canyon to Curtin Springs.

Cost – nothing!



Wednesday – Curtain Springs to Uluru.

Cost – $190 powered site, we stayed at the Ayers Rock Campground (two nights, get one free – which we didn't end up using)



Thursday – Uluru


Friday – Uluru to Erldunda.

Cost – $22 for an unpowered site.



Saturday - Erldunda to Alice Springs.

Cost – $25 we stayed at The Gap View Hotel and nabbed the last powered site.



Sunday – We began the Larapinta Loop (we did the inner loop for reference!).

Cost - Stayed at Ormiston Gorge with a small donation.


Monday – After completing the loop, we headed back to Alice Springs, did some washing and had some lunch before heading back to Erldunda to make our way home.

Cost – unpowered site at Erldunda for $22.



Tuesday – Erldunda to Lake Hart. We knew this was going to be a long stretch, but unfortunately it ended up being longer but that's for another post!

Cost – Nothing! Lake Hart Rest Stop



Wednesday – Lake Hart to Victor Harbor. Even though we had our journey home all mapped out so we could still see a few amazing things, by this stage, we just wanted some down time. So when we arrived in VH and feel in love with it, we decided to stay two nights!

Cost – $100 We grabbed a powered site for the two nights we stayed at the Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park



Friday – We left Victor Harbor planning to drive a few hours and stop for the night before heading home on Saturday morning. But the closer we got to home, we just figured that for the sake of a couple of hours we could be home rather than staying in a truck stop. So we did!



Looking back, I'm a little tired at reading it all ha! But really, we knew exactly the main reasons for our trip (Uluru and Kings Canyon), and anything else that we saw or experienced along the way was a bonus to us!

Over the coming weeks, I'll try and share a few other posts based around the trip, things like day trips/experiences we did and our highlights, how the kids travelled and what they did to stay occupied, were there any fights between me and my SIL's (you don't know how many times we have all been asked this one!), things we'd do differently and would we do it again, any problems/issues we had along the way. Within these posts, I'll also try to weave in some costs so that you can get a feel for how much the trip cost us.

If you have any burning questions that you would like me to answer, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email at , I'm an open book!!



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