What to expect at family dinners

Family dinner. The mere thought of it can send shivers down the spine of even the most confident and strong willed souls. Not in my family though! Years ago, weekly family dinner began as a way to get me out of the house and keep my mind off Hubby living in a different state (before our kidlets were even a thought!). Each week, we would rotate who hosted family dinner, we’d fill our bellies and debrief on the week past. Since then, family dinner has evolved into being once a fortnight, with more people but with the same principles remaining.

If you are ever lucky enough to be invited to one of our family dinners, here are some things that may be helpful for you to know:

  1. No matter how much effort you put in and how amazing the meal tastes, we will still pick the shit out of it and Hubby will always go for the salt. If you cook a roast we’ll ask where the chicken rice is and if you cook chicken rice, we’ll ask where the ravioli is. You get the point.
  2. Desert is a must! And apart from it being a must, it wouldn’t be family dinner without an array to choose from. Favourites include magnums, drumsticks, chocolate pudding and apple pie., the choice is yours!
  3. The boys will always take the piss out of my Mum and she will fall for it every, single, time!
  4. Our conversations after dinner always turn to smut, I’m not sure how it happens but it does.
  5. The kids will run and run and run and run. And someone will always hurt themselves from said running no matter how many warnings are given.
  6. Hubby will always turn the TV up way too loud. It pisses me off the most though.
  7. If you use you’re phone, someone will notice and guilt you in to putting it down no matter what the excuse.
  8. The classic conversation starter between Hubby and Mum,  “Did you watch that show/documentary on SBS/ABC the other night?”.
  9. Other topics of conversation include but are not limited to: death, wills, last wishes, general current affairs, retirement, how much the grandkids get away with at Mum’s compared to what we did, secrets from our childhood, money, books, social media and TV shows. Basically, we can solve the world’s problems over family dinner.
  10. Everything is done and said with great love.

Last weeks hot topic was why people are penalised for working hard and saving hard when they finally decide to retire. We also discussed the new show Look Me In the Eye.

So here’s the thing, I’d love you to throw in the comments below anything you’d like us to discuss at our our upcoming family dinners and I’ll see to it that I’ll bring it up and get back to you! This could get interesting!!


8 thoughts on “What to expect at family dinners

  1. Tracy says:

    I love the idea of family dinners on a regular basis. One family makes everything a political nightmare (family politics, that is) and the other side are…inflexible. So we sit around our own dinner table every night. And that will have to be enough. My prayer for my own family, when the kids finally leave home, is that we will be able to make family dinners work!

    • lifeatno2 says:

      My family is small, just my sister and I, so family dinners are easy. Hubby is one of seven, family dinners are bloody huge and very loud when we all get together lol. I hope one day you do get to have them x

  2. nicolethebuilderswife says:

    Wow that sounds like an interesting evening, does it ever turn into arguments? Our family live far to far away for a celebration like this on a regular basis, although we do get to do so every Christmas and i love it!

    • lifeatno2 says:

      Do you know what, I can’t recall an argument at all! Lots of ‘taking the piss’ out of each other but no drama. Christmas is the best time for gathering family when you can’t do what we do (we all live in the same town which is super handy!)

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