Just like old times

Something happened a few weeks ago in the days when the sun decided to grace us with her presence, while the flowers began to bloom and the birds started to sing. Something that I never thought my kidlets would have the opportunity to experience as me and my sister did when we were younger……street play.


A new family moved across the road a couple of months ago. I’d wave to the Mum as we raced to our cars in the rain for school drop off. My family and hers would retreat back into the warmth our own homes in the winter months. As the weather began to pick up, Hubby would chat with them over a beer and helped them while they began landscaping their front yard. Eventually we realised our kids were around the same age. Almost immediately without any prompting, they were out riding their bikes in the street riding from lamppost to lamppost and not beyond. And in an instant a friendship was formed.

Since then, another family in the street has noticed the kids playing, and instead of staying indoors, their boys too now venture out. The quiet court we live is now full of life and laughter and everyone has begun to pay attention; the cars slow immediately as they turn in, awaiting kids on bikes and scooters. Most days that the sun is shining we now often get knocks on the door asking if the kids can come out to play.

I know some days it might wear a little thin, I have a friend whose street is full of kids and almost daily there are knocks at the door, sometimes relentless. But for now, I am excited to see what summer brings. I hope there will be sprinklers on front lawns, water bomb fights and even more bike riding. I am excited that my kids now get to experience a part of childhood that I enjoyed so much and hold great memories of.

What is your street like? Does everyone keep to themselves, do the kids play together and the adults socialise too?



9 thoughts on “Just like old times

  1. Vanessa says:

    Oh it’s good that they’ve found new friends. Not many kids on our street but some do play at the most dangerous part (bit of a blind hill) which always scares me.

    • lifeatno2 says:

      I tend to sit out the front watching them or from my bedroom window. There are rules about the road and which lamp posts they can’t go past too but I do love that they are out there making friends

  2. Beck says:

    This takes me back to my childhood when we would play outside till the street lights came on then it was time to go in for dinner. You don’t see that much anymore. It’s fabulous that your kids are getting to enjoy this kind of childhood

  3. nicolethebuilderswife says:

    This is what it was like when I was a kid and we loved it! Sadly when my children were younger, we lived on acreage and therefore visiting with the neighbours wasn’t something they could do.

  4. Renee Wilson (Mummy, Wife, Me) says:

    Oh that is so great!!! I’d love to have that for our kids, but there’s none their age around us. We’re in an older established area. You never know who will move in close by in the future though. Glad your kids are all getting along. It sounds lovely. #teamIBOT

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