10 Reasons I became a Night Owl

In my younger days, I was most definitely considered to be a morning person. I’d jump out of bed as soon as the birds started singing, I’d make my breakfast almost immediately and then get the day started, all with a bounce in my step.

Although sleep is still precious to me, oh yes yes it is, in the last year of so I have become somewhat of a night owl. It crept up ever so slowly, almost without me noticing, until of course I did. It was in that moment, I started to reflect on why there had been such a big shift in my life. And so, here are ten reasons why I became a night owl!


  1. It’s the only time of day where the pressures of Motherhood and that of being a teacher evaporate. My name isn’t called, screamed, and isn’t being begged at.
  2. I can sit down on the couch without being touched, sat next to or sat on, ahhhh the freedom!
  3. I can watch all the shows I have missed during the week due to the TV being accosted by the kids watching Netflix and Hubby watching his beloved documentaries.
  4. I can sit down with a cup of tea and know that I will be able to drink it hot and be able to dunk as many Tim Tams as I want without having to share or be judged.
  5. I’m able to go to the toilet without being watched. Seriously, is there anything better as a Mum?
  6. I can have a long, hot, soaking bath without my beautiful kidlets sitting beside it and dunking in toys or tipping cold water from cups they have saved from the last bath.
  7. I enjoy the silence, silence, it really is golden (and by silence I mean almost silence, I can still hear them all snoring!).
  8. I can scroll mindlessly through social media without Hubby nagging at me (he doesn’t do social media at all, and therefore does not understand it!).
  9. I can read my book without having to dog ear the same page numerous times or read over and over the same sentence.
  10. I can shove in my headphones and listen to a Podcast without having people mime at me. It means I don’t have to hit pause for the umpteenth time to be told something completely random or be asked something that they could have asked that guy in the house, you know, the one who is their father.


But most of all, even though I am missing out on some precious hours of sleep, this is my time to recharge. How do you recharge your mummy-batteries? Are you a night owl?



6 thoughts on “10 Reasons I became a Night Owl

  1. Jo @ Countrylifeexperiment says:

    Totally agree – it’s the only time in my whole life that I’m not surrounded by people. I used to get the 20-minute car ride to and from work, but now my oldest daughter is in high school, she comes with me. Yes – I teach my daughter so don’t ever escape family (though we tend to ignore the fact that I’m her mum in school).

  2. Denyse Whelan says:

    OH yes I recall that as a teacher AND a mum there are times you just want to be “YOU”. I hear you on this loud and clear. I think taking that time and being/doing all of that actually refreshes you even if it is late as it is like a re-start button and you can deal with all you have to once done. Good plan for self-care!! Denyse #teamIBOT

  3. Kylie Purtell says:

    I have always been a night owl but it definitely got worse with becoming a Mum. For all the reasons you’ve listed! And number 10, I was just saying to my husband last night, why is it that they can walk straight past their father who is doing absolutely nothing to come and ask me to do something while I’m frantically trying to meet a deadline?!?!

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