Yearly Wrap 

I’m not going to start this post with a heap of cliches like “gee this year has gone fast” or “it’s been a rough year for many”, beat use let’s be honest; each year comes with its own ups and downs, and yes the year has gone bloody fast! I guess focusing in on the good times helps put things into perspective for us doesn’t it?

Here are my top five posts for the year, some I had completely forgotten about and others were written not too long ago. Next year, I’ll look over my stats again and think about where I want this little online place of mine to go. Until then, let’s take a little trip down memory lane!

Question Everything – that mummying moment I’m sure we’ve all experienced more than once in our career!

When the holidays don’t go to plan – when your holidays end up being spent in a hospital and no one can give you a definite answer as to what the heck is wrong.
I have no baggage – we celebrate so many milestones in our children’s lives, but what about those mummy milestones like finally ditching the nappy bag!

Not a Pinterest Mum – still one of my favourite posts, completely honest and I still declare I am anything but a Pinterest mum!
Changing negative self talk in kids – I don’t have all the answers, far from it actually but this is what has worked for us.

And I’m going to add in one of my personal faves for good measure

No shit! I’m crazy busy too – I was a little worried publishin this one but so glad I did. And it’s probably a timely reminder that in the coming year, being busy just probably isn’t the best excuse anymore for being rude.

And with that, goodbye 2016! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you have pop over here to visit, read my posts and take the time to comment and share with your friends, big love to you all x

I have no baggage

No literally, I don’t have a bag! Bear with me…..

When you have a baby, no matter how hard you try to keep an slither of your identity, you end up being that woman who ditches her expensive handbag for a cute baby bag that you just throw your bankcard, license, phone and keys chucked into it. I mean you can’t even be bothered carrying around a purse, it all just becomes a little too hard. It happens to all of us, there’s no point fighting it!

And as your baby hits toddlerhood, the glimmer of excitement rises within you and ditch the baby bag, in hope that with this soon will be the return of your handbag. Within days you begin to realise that not only do you not have your handbag back but if fact you’ve swapped it AND the baby bag for a cute little backpack with Pepper Pig or Thomas the Tank on the back. Laden with sippy cups, wipes, toys and changes of clothes, and lets not forget the bankcard, license, keys and phone thrown in once again. Ok I lie, at this point I may have started using my purse again.

But here’s the thing ladies, shit just got real in my house! Ragamuffin is now well and truly toilet trained, he has control over his own boogers and can keep himself entertained. I. Have. Arrived!! I am literally empty handed, bagless if you will. To the point where I don’t even really own a handbag anymore to revert back too. And lets face it, if I did, it’d probably be totally out of fashion anyway.


So now the big question is, what do I spoil myself with?? Any cute handbag suggestions, pop them in the comments below.