Loosing my marbles!

School mornings here have been ridiculous lately, absolutely ridiculous! It seems that my kids have some sort of built in sensor, one that means as soon as I step into the shower and the water hits me, they start to fight, scream, cry and injure themselves. And no matter how hard I tried or how many deep breaths I took, the mornings always ended in me becoming a screaming Banshie!

I felt like I was loosing my marbles. I felt as though I had lost control. I was sick of always being the grumpy, yelling Mumma Bear. And then an idea stuck me…………

That very day I rushed down to the Reject Shop and purchased two small jars and a bucket full of marbles. On the jars I placed each of the kids name labels from their school kits I had purchased from tiny and then I waited until Phoebe got home to explain.


For good deeds, getting along, being helpful, kind, polite and well behaved, they could earn a marble to go in their jar. When the jar is full, they get a surprise, it could be a small gift, an outing, having a friend sleepover, whatever, the world would be their oyster (within reason of course).

And I’m not going to lie, the first few days were absolutely hilarious! The kids were loving on each other so much, being overly kind and helpful towards one another. But the even funnier thing is, it hasn’t seemed to rub off and it’s been over two weeks now!!

Both kids are now nearly at the top of the jar, it wasn’t too quick but yet it didn’t take too long. Ramsey is quite cute now, telling me what might deserve a marble, Phoebe helped him get dressed the other night for bed “Thank you Pheebs, that should get you a marble!” he announced.

So it turns out me loosing my marbles and them finding them has possible been the best thing that has happened in our house lately.

Do you have a similar incentive that you use with your kids?