Melbourne Stay-cation

Recently Hubby and I booked two nights accommodation in the city for us and the kidlets. We had a brewed a few ideas for the kids to surprise them, Phoebe has always wanted to go on a horse and carriage ride, so this was obviously on the list.

20160226-DSC_2181 20160227-DSC_2191

But in reality, it’s was the small, unplanned things that the kids loved the most! Wandering the city streets, moving from busker to busker in the search of more, was by far the kids favourite thing to do.


What you can’t see in this photo is that the violinist had a bub on her back through the whole set while her husband played the guitar, harmonic and drums all at the same time!

We watched graffiti artists at work and talked to them about the process they go through. We stopped at restaurants and ate slowly, with no rush to be anywhere. We caught trams and taxis, this was probably Ramsey’s favourite bit. We explored and learnt about the city that we thought we knew pretty well. Phoebe was amazed by Flinders Street Station and wanted to see inside it, which she did. We wandered around the Shrine, reading plaques and talking to some of the very knowledgable people that worked there. There was too the incident where Ramsey got his head stuck nice and proper in the fence that surrounds the eternal flame, that bit wasn’t so much fun as it was a heart starter! We also headed to the Casino to visit Galactic Circus and Peter Alexander for new Pj’s (this was my favourite bit!!).

20160226-DSC_2172 20160226-DSC_2178

We finished the weekend off with a visit to the Queen Victoria Market for fruit, veg, meat and flowers for the week. And of course, you can’t leave the market without lining up for some jam donuts can you!?