Last child

The day after Ragamuffin’s second birthday, he started again with the whole not wanting to sleep in his cot during the day, rather he would bed to sleep in his sister’s big girls bed or even ours. After few days after this, I bit the bullet and took the cot rail off his bed, slightly concerned that his boisterous nature would involved many a long and sleepless night. Luckily for us, he seems to have followed in his sister’s footsteps, never getting out, *insert fist pump here*!!

Which now means I’m on the hunt for a big boys bed. Which then in turn means packing up the nursery furniture for what will be the last time! It’s true to me what others say, that in fact you do really know when you are done having children. My two are perfect, we love them dearly, but when Ragamuffin arrived, we knew he would be our last…, I have a weird thing about odd numbers.


Although I miss parts of the baby stage, and I’m not in fact wishing their lives away for the next milestone, I am excited for what the future holds for the four of us as the children continue to grow up. I see great adventures on the horizon, as well as a few tumultuous years thrown in for good measure. So bye bye baby and hello big boy!

And thank you all for your advice when I was worried about putting the little guy into a bed, you reminded me to trust my instincts!

Slow down baby

Since we arrived back from our camping trip over Christmas, things have changed. Ragamuffin has changed. Apart from the fact that he talks in five word sentences pretty clearly, still blows my mind. His sister was the same, but it’s not often that siblings are similar in milestones, especially boys compared to girls.

“No Mummy, me no want that”

“Milk please Mummy, Phoebe want one?”

and then there’s all the cute stuff he says like “night Mummy, I love you” and “bless you” every time I sneeze.

When we were away, because our routine was thrown out the window, the little man often wouldn’t want to go to bed. Instead he was quite happy to lay on a reclined chair outside beside his Dad and the other boys while they watched the cricket. Within minutes he would nod off into a deep sleep, not even flinching when the boys cheered for a wicket. It was either the chair, or he would slide in next to Princess in her sleeping bag and spend the night with her.


Since returning, “Me no wanna cot Mummy” he begs at most day naps and at night time. If he wakes during the night, it is hard work to settle him, unless of course he lays next to Princess in which case he falls straight to sleep. I’m not quite sure he is ready for a bed yet though. I’d love to know how you knew it was time with your kids.

And then there is the nappy issue. Where he refuses to wear one or takes it off all the time. He started asking to go to the toilet too, which I thought was copying his big sister. Of course I was shocked when the first time he actually did go and then followed it up another eight times that day. With this, I’m kinda just going with the flow, if he asks to go to the toilet I am taking him.

Maybe it’s just me wanting him to stay a baby for tad longer, or maybe he just is ready to move into a bed and start toilet training. Whatever it is, it has taken me by sheer and utter surprise, but, you go boy!

Wanting for more

The grass in always greener, there is always something bigger and better out there that we want, isn’t there? Sometimes, I dream about winning lotto, and building the perfect farmhouse on a lot of land in the bush out the back of town. We have chooks, and couple of sheep and cows, but most of all we have beautiful, peaceful surroundings and a big area for the kids to play and explore.

In my dream, I can see the floor plan and what the house will look like from the outside. I have my own study, a large master bedroom with an ensuite and a tub that I can’t even touch the end with my toes. The kids have rooms big enough that if I wanted to, I could decorate them Pinterest style, however their hearts desired. We have open plan living, enough that when our friends do come over, even if it’s just to watch the footy, everyone has somewhere to sit. And the list my friends goes on and on………..


And then I return home from camping for nearly three weeks with my wonderful family, and I realise how little space and things we actually need to make us happy. We leave in that van of ours with minimal cooking facilities, minimal space for stuff and toys that aren’t needed. Our kids make there own fun, whether it be riding bikes, or digging in the dirt and sand. All I need is a book to keep me occupied, my bike to ride and my camera to capture memories and that family of mine.

So, as much as I’d love that house in my dreams, really, happiness comes from simplicity for us, and I’m more than happy with that!