Ten must haves for your beach visit

We've all seen and been those dishevelled, wind swept looking parents walking up sand dunes, back to the car with the look of defeat smudged all over their face. You know the ones? Numerous towels slung over their shoulders, lugging a heap of crap in their arms, occasionally dropping a spade here or a bucket there, … Continue reading Ten must haves for your beach visit


Kids magic

I love exploring with our kidlets, especially when we are down the coast. The other weekend we talked pots of gold at the end of rainbows, that maybe we were in the Enchanted Forest which would lead us to the Magic Faraway Tree, Moonface and all of his friends. We imagined fairies lived and danced in the dunes, and … Continue reading Kids magic

Golden Hour

We spent the last weekend of summer dancing in the light at our beach escape. We let the whitewash chase us up onto the beach. We sat, dug holes and built sandcastles. And now it's is Autumn. Probably my favourite season of the year. Crisp mornings, cool beginnings, followed often by warm afternoon. It's where the … Continue reading Golden Hour